What are the Holi Festival outfit ideas

With these tips, a Holi festival will be an unforgettable experience

Summer is festival time. For me there are two more festivals on the program this summer. For years I've always wanted to go to one Holi festival take part. But either I forgot or I already had tickets and the Holi Festival was canceled at short notice. This year it finally worked and I can cross another item off my bucket list.

In this post I would like to describe my experiences and experiences as well Tips (including checklist) with which you can get the most out of this event and have a really great day.

What is a Holi Festival?

A Holi festival is pretty colorful. Based on the Indian Spring Festival, colored powder is thrown at each other for a day with loud music. It's best to imagine you're standing in the middle of a rainbow while a Sahara storm rages around you to loud techno beats. Usually there is a countdown to which every full hour counts down and the colored powder is thrown upwards.

Origin of the Holi Festival: More about the background

In the meantime, Holi festivals are firmly established in the festival landscape in Germany. Originally, however, the Holi festival comes from India. In the hindu tradition becomes Beginning of spring celebrated boisterously and pelted themselves with colored water and powder. On the one hand, the victory of spring over winter and thus also that Celebration of the blossoming of nature. On the other hand, there are numerous myths behind the festival. For example, a straw figure is burned on the first night of the Holi festival, which lasts several days Damon Holika represents.

Of course, the original meaning is somewhat lost in the commercialized Holi festivals in Europe. Similar to the carnival in this country the boundaries between the boxes disappear. Instead, everyone celebrates together and social differences do not play a role for at least a while. Instead, the festival is characterized by Joy, togetherness and mutual respect.

You can find more information about the backgrounds at indienaktuell.de.

My experiences at the Holi Festival:

In June I went to the Farbgefühle Festival in Bochum. I came across the event by chance on Facebook and at Groupon we found discounted cards including color bags.

Contrary to my expectations, you could park quite well (and even cheaply) at the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum, so we were there early. At the time, however, there was already one 100 m long queue in front of the entrance. Since the entry didn't start at 1 p.m., it was time to wait. But this was not a problem, as there was already a lively atmosphere in front of the entrance. The first bags of paint flew through the air and we were able to get to know the participants behind and in the queue.

According to Wikipedia, music can best be divided into categories Dance, house and trap classify. Unfortunately not all of my music, but I was there because of the colors and not because of the music 😀 You can see a brief impression in the following video:

According to the organizer's plan, it should start at 2 p.m. However, due to the late admission, the start was delayed. Which was not too bad for the second time, as we first had to stock up on colors, accessories and a credit card for drinks and food.

The music was put together by changing DJs. As I said, the music wasn't quite my thing, but I was able to get involved with it for one day. The only thing that was really annoying was that the DJs apparently all had the same five favorite songs. After a while, I got the impression that someone had pressed the repeat button on a DVD player.

Of course, especially at the beginning, we had a childish joy throwing the colorful powder at each other. Especially the countdowns with the crowd, when everyone has thrown their powder into the air at the same time and we into one for a brief moment motley, dry fog are immersed.

I think I'm getting older when I get that extreme volume at some point (despite ear plugs) became too strenuous. However, there was no escape: There weren't really any areas in the fenced-in area to take a breather. Anyone who wanted to order drinks or snacks had to have a fairly well-developed organ in order to be heard.

As a result, we haven't hit the full time frame. As the saying goes: you should go when it's best. And it was definitely exciting! The bright colors are transferred to the mood and the audience is great!

Holi Festival FAQ & Tips

How can you make paint bags yourself?

Bring your own holi paint bag is usually not allowed, which I find completely understandable. You don't know what the others are getting together and safety comes first. You should therefore inquire carefully whether you can bring your own colored powder with you.

If you want to make Holi powder yourself for private use, there are several options:

  • Chalk: To do this, simply cut up normal, colored street chalk with the kitchen grater
  • Bath salt: Holi powder can actually also be made from bath salts. You can find instructions at deformodesign
  • Food starch: Another way to make colored powder is to mix cornstarch and food coloring. Instructions can be found here in the video.

From how many years can you attend the Holifestival?

You can do the Holi festival from 16 years visit. Under 16 years of age, participation is not possible, even with permission or when accompanied by an adult. There are identity checks at the entrance. Cheating is not possible, or only possible with great difficulty.

But what else you should know: Most of the participants are really 16 years or slightly older. At 26, I was well above average, which is when you look at the many brightly colored teenage faces. Anyway, it's about having fun and age is really irrelevant.

What clothes do you wear to the Holifestival?

There is no fixed dress code. Most of the participants come in white because of the colors white clothes on come into its own. I do not recommend you to come in your new white dress or in your favorite white clothes. I got the color out of my clothes well. However, the organizers themselves point out that the colors of light-colored fabrics can leave a slight color cast even after washing.

Do you need a face mask and sunglasses?

In any case, taking sunglasses or protective goggles with you cannot do any harm. I had my sunglasses on all the time after I saw some of the participants sit with watery eyes. The colors are not only bone dry, but also salty. You definitely don't want to keep an eye on this mixture!

Don't worry: you will definitely not be looked at in a strange way if you walk around with safety glasses or a face mask. Both are even sold on site.

At the festival will be too Free ear plugs distributed. If you are at the forefront or just want to protect your ears, you can help yourself here.

How can I protect my phone?

Of course everyone would like to take a few Instagram-suitable photos of the event. Ideally, exactly when everyone throws the bags of paint into the air and the photo becomes beautifully colorful. My cell phone has already had a few falls and this time I didn't have a protective cover or something with me. Worked. If you want to take your expensive camera with or a few more photos, you might be well advised to protect your camera with a cover.

Niklas Möller explains in his blog how you can best protect your camera and still take colorful photos.

Can i take a bag with me?

You can of course take a bag with you. However, be prepared for the security to check your bag at the entrance. Your own drinks, food, but also deodorants and selfie sticks must be left outside. Nobody really seemed to have been aware of this. At least we were allowed to look in 4 huge moving boxes when we left the site to see if we could find our things.

The physical well-being is taken care of: You can buy drinks and food - at appropriate prices, of course - at Foodtrucks. To do this, you load a card with money beforehand and show it for debiting.

Holifestival with contact lenses?

I was at the Holi festival with contact lenses. However, I wore my sunglasses the whole time and closed my eyes when powder was thrown up. I've seen quite a few tears in their eyes as powder was thrown up. Therefore, I would only recommend wearing contact lenses to a limited extent.

Does the color go out again?

I would say yes and no ...


The organizers themselves point out that the colors of light-colored fabrics can leave a slight color cast even after washing. Fortunately, all the color came out of my clothes. My shoes have retained a slight tinge of color, but I don't care that I put on old shoes.


It gets more interesting with the hair. The ticket already said that Dye residues can stick to bleached hair. To get the color out of your hair well, it is recommended to use a deep cleansing shampoo. However, on the back of the color bags, it is also advised not to use a hair treatment. The reason for this is that hair treatments close the cuticle and thus seal the holi color. I had no problem with my dark blonde natural hair, but the hair was dry like burnt grass.

So if you want to do something good for your hair, use a headgear or at least tie it together so that it doesn't get too much color.


Not only the hair but also the skin becomes quite dry from the color. In particular, in places where you sweat a little more, the paint sticks quite nicely. Kind of like you've rubbed yourself with a mixture of dust and salt.

On site I received tips that it helps to apply a lot of oil beforehand. Then the color would come off better afterwards. I could still see the residue in my elbows a few days later, which then looked like I was donating blood.

Is the paint harmful to health or the environment?

According to the Federal Environment Agency, the effect that the Holi powder can have when inhaled and when it comes into contact with skin and mucous membranes is not yet adequately investigated. However, medical services report coughing, irritated eyes and breathing difficulties. I can partly confirm this. So I often had to cough and had the feeling of inhaling dust all the time. I also had the urgent need to put some lotion on my dust-dry hands, which unfortunately wasn't possible because I had to hand in my hand lotion at the entrance.

The Environment Agency recommends that you follow the organizers' instructions. There is a note on the paint bag itself that it is not advisable to visit several Holi festivals within a short period of time.

Dates Holi Festival

There are holi festivals in almost every major city in the summer. You can find dates for various Holi festivals here:

Cities and dates Festival of Colors

Cities and Dates Holi Color Rush Tour

Holi Festival Checklist

Since it is only for one day, the conventional "stress" of the usual festivals with tents and 3 days of canned food does not exist. Still, it is useful to plan or check a few things in advance. You can download my checklist as a PDF:

Download the Holi Festival checklist as a PDf

My Bucketilst Conclusion on the Holi Festival:

For me it was a unforgettable experience to have been to a Holi festival once. Especially since I have made this point for years and finally made it this year. It's great that exuberant atmosphere to notice the day. The original meaning is pretty much lost and everything is very commercialized, but you can still feel something of that peaceful character and comes into contact with other visitors very quickly.

But I also know that the Holi festival a unique thing for me was. On the one hand, I noticed that my age group was no longer here, but more than that, the music didn't really appeal to me and the dry color on the skin and in the lungs wasn't really pleasant after a short time. Nevertheless, I can definitely recommend the eventto experience something new and have fun.

Have you ever been to a Holi festival? What are your experiences and tips?