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Citizens dock twice
Shooting festival with imperial and royal shooting

The reports by the managing director Andre Teupe and the cashier Michael Beumer were followed by elections for the board of directors. Andre Teupe and assessor Udo Bockholt were unanimously confirmed. Michael Bründer, on the other hand, resigned as an assessor after 13 years on the board. Uwe Krude thanked him humorously: “Above all, we will miss his vocal strength. His song, Der alten Holzmichl ‘, will be missed.” Daniel Grave, who was previously a youth warden, was elected unanimously by the assembly as his successor. The new youth manager was Fabian Langehaneberg.

There were also changes in the officers' corps elections. General Stefan Kryzwanski said goodbye after 17 years of officer corps. Tom van Goer was elected as the new general by the assembly. His successor as colonel was Bernhard Gattersleben jun.

The other positions of the officer corps were re-elected at the block. All votes were unanimous. For professional reasons, Dr. Sebastian Doedt from. The second chairman, Thomas Woltering, wanted other people to be enthusiastic about a job in the officer corps: "Anyone who wants to get involved is warmly welcome and can always speak to us."

Chairman Uwe Krude pointed out that there will be two firings on Pentecost Sunday. The first step is to identify a new emperor to replace the incumbent Emperor Dieter van Goer, and then a successor to King Lambert Broers is sought.

“It would be great if the neighborhoods decorate the streets for the shooting festival. With pennants and flags it is even easier for the riflemen to march. ”Remarked Uwe Krude and asked those present to contribute. This will also be a topic at the Easter meeting in April.