What is in vitro meat

In vitro meat

Table of Contents

  1. Generally
  2. Features and development
  3. Criticism and Outlook


In vitro meat is meat that is produced synthetically. The animal does not need to be killed or slaughtered - the meat is not cut out of it or obtained from it in any other way, but grows "in the glass" (Latin for "in vitro"), for example in laboratory bottles and bioreactors. One also speaks of cultured meat or laboratory meat. It is essentially muscle tissue, made up of muscle cells. Hunting and animal husbandry, including factory farming, for the purpose of meat production are eliminated beforehand.

Features and development

In a certain breed and preparation, in-vitro meat comes close to conventional minced meat in consistency and taste. Therefore, meatballs and burgers are considered possible foods for testing and introduction. The production of steaks, roasts, etc. is complex and requires three-dimensional holding structures. Researchers and companies are trying to win over consumers and, for example, cautious about the use of genetic engineering. Corporations are investing in synthetic meat production, and progress can be expected, for example through the use of adipose tissue from stem cells.

Criticism and Outlook

From the point of view of animal ethics, in vitro meat can solve the problem of the suffering of hunted and kept animals. In addition, nobody would have to kill (or let) kill in order to be able to eat, so that they would no longer act against the animals' will to live. Business ethics can address in vitro meat against the background of factory farming and the transport of cattle. For vegetarians who are disgusted with meat, synthetic meat is not a solution, but it is for people who, for ethical, economic and ecological reasons, do not want to eat any or less meat. It should be noted that the life cycle assessment is better with a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle and that eating in vitro meat does not change the habits to meat (and it is unlikely that it will completely replace it in the near future).