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Data Estate Modernization

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing that you have the right data, but not being able to access it when you need it - especially when the company has to adapt quickly to new circumstances or challenges, like the one we do at expect the pandemic to be overcome.

Such issues typically arise because the data is siled and inconsistent, of poor quality, or in violation of data protection laws like the GDPR. Too often, an increase in the number of users also leads to performance problems in accessing the data.

A process of strategy, people, processes, technology and data transformation

Data estate modernization is about transforming the company's relationship with data, involving people, processes and technology. A database is created that supports the level of innovation and change in the business that is required to stay ahead in a world where continuous, rapid change is the norm.

Data Estate Modernization enables and enables the company to do data-driven AI and analytics on a large scale - a critical success factor in this new world because it supports both innovation and industrialization as well as the transition from one to the other.

An important factor for the modernization of the data base is the change to a flexible setup such as a hybrid cloud or a hybrid multi-cloud. With a “Data First” data solution, you can get the full value of your data by using the data when and how you actually need it. You can also accelerate value creation in the company and be one step ahead of your competition. It is also important that you can reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

The result of the migration to a hybrid cloud should be a secure, trustworthy, available database that the company can easily manage and use - in other words, a database that is democratized. Capgemini's ‘data estate modernization capabilities accelerate the path to a new cloud setup so that you can achieve the associated benefits faster.

Data-driven, action-oriented AI and analytics on a large scale

For companies that want to eliminate data silos, clarify governance problems and ensure the scalability of their solutions, we recommend adopting this four-part motto:

The implementation of the motto begins with the definition of your strategy for business, IT, data and cloud. Then you can safely proceed to design your platform and create a roadmap for transforming your data base and ensuring that the entire implementation is supported by an appropriate operating model.

We accompany our customers through this entire process. Here we will focus on supporting strategy development and realizing value.

A successful roadmap must adhere to four important principles:


Capgemini has developed the skills and methodologies to help clients start their journey the right way. In accordance with our “Think Big” methodology, we will work with you to outline your vision and mission and to reaffirm the business value that you can expect from your new platform.

The “Think Big” method is very flexible. Some customers want an approach that will help build a complete strategic roadmap, develop the enterprise architecture, and understand how the new operating model will change the way they work: a complete transformation across people, processes, data, and technology. Think Big “can also mean a brief analysis of the degree of maturity in order to understand the next step or to identify gaps in an existing roadmap.

Whatever you need, we will work closely with your senior stakeholders to ensure that the business needs are fully defined and aligned with those stakeholders' vision so that past frustrations don't carry over into the future. We help you to make the decisions that fit the existing burdens and transformation ambitions of the company.

Deliver business innovation and value

The main focus must be on longer-term planning that really changes the company's data structure and enables large-scale innovation, operational excellence, and new ways to go to market - so how do we make sure you see the value in the short term?

A valuable tool here is our Ignite Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) - a special type of workshop that brings key stakeholders together with our experts to develop the necessary ambitious vision, in just three to five days.

Our “Start Small” principle means that the first use case is delivered quickly, so you can see the value early on. "Design for industrialization" means that when you are ready, you "scale quickly" and get the use cases into production.

Our accelerators are also crucial for the implementation of architecture and infrastructure. These guarantee that innovation and development take place early in the development phase.

Capgemini partner

  • More than two decades of partnership with Microsoft, Azure Expert Gold Partner
  • AWS Premier Consulting Partner since 2012
  • Global partnership with Google since 2014

Insights and data offers

Your company can soon benefit from our approach:

  • TCO reduction of 20-50% with constant utilization
  • Driven by business value
  • Trustworthy data by definition
  • Leading the way from innovation to industrialization

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