How was french fries invented

consumer : Who invented it?

French fries already have an indication of their origin in their name: “Pommes de terre frites” comes from French and means something like “baked potatoes”. For a long time there was a dispute over the question of which nation should consider itself to be the inventor of food. The French claimed to have fried potato sticks under the bridges of Paris as early as the 1789 Revolution. At that time they supposedly bore the name of the oldest bridge in Paris: Pommes Pont-Neuf. In the meantime, however, the

Belgians feel like an inventor nation. They even have the proof in writing. A family document shows that the people around the Meuse were already deep-fried potatoes in the 17th century.

“The inhabitants of Namur, Huy and Dinant have the habit of fishing in the Meuse and then deep-frying this catch in order to add to their menu,” wrote a certain Joseph Gérard as early as 1781. “When the waters are frozen over and only fishing If it is difficult to do, the residents cut potatoes in the shape of a fish and then deep-fry them. This practice is more than a hundred years old. ”In other words: French fries were primarily a meal for poor people. Potato sticks are still a relatively inexpensive meal today. In the meantime, the organic wave has also reached the classic fast food dish. For example in the Wittys snack bar on Wittenbergplatz in Berlin. Only organically grown food is offered there; a portion of French fries costs 2.50 euros. These fries tasted good to Stiftung Warentest, and in the laboratory the testers found hardly any trans fatty acids and few pollutants. The only downer: the frying fat was too old. ah

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