What is the pico command on Linux

Appendix B Comparison of DOS and Linux Commands

Copies filescopycpcp / home /Moves filesmovemvmv / home /Lists filesto youlslsClears the screenclsclearclearCloses the window with the promptexitexitexitShows or changes the datedatedatedateDeletes filesdelrmrm Also outputs the output on the screenechoechoecho Edits files with a simple text editoreditpico[a]pico Compare the contents of filesfcdiffdiff Finds a string in a filefindgrepgrep Formats a floppy diskformat a: (if the disk is inserted in)mke2fs (or mformat[b])/ sbin / mke2fs / dev / fd0 (is the equivalent of under Linux)Displays help for a command /?man[c]man Creates a directorymdmkdirmkdir Displays a filemoreless[d]less Renames a filerenmvmv [e]Indicates where you are currently in the file systemchdirpwdpwdUsed to change to another directory by specifying a path (absolute path)CD CD CD Used to change to another directory by specifying a relative pathcd ..cd ..cd ..Displays the timetimedatedateShows the available memory and its usagememfreefree