There are good and bad questions

Good questions - bad questions

Who do you turn to with your questions, problems and worries? Whom do you ask for help when the shoe pinches - regardless of whether it is really on the foot or is it just the metaphorical footwear? We face many hurdles in life and we always need wise advice and instruction on the winding paths of existence in order to master the confusions and pitfalls of everyday life.

But who lets us share in his wisdom? Clearly, the Internet

A particularly large number of inquisitive people cavort on Logical, since the concept of the site is designed precisely for that. Ask and be asked.

In addition to normal questions about the household, whether space is a legal vacuum and cooking tips, there are also plenty of people who have other worries.

We certainly have a few charming ladies among our readers who are also still single. Ran there!

He still asks ?! Get out there, build a snowman.


Doesn't dare to ask his girlfriends for make-up tips ... but then runs around the school disguised as a woman for two days. OK.


Certainly just as good / bad as with any other food.


Off to addiction counseling!

Oh well…


Yeah right


Bed bugs buy their equipment from the same manufacturer as the migratory birds.

Good question. Next question.


Got a knife “by mistake” ?!


There have been a noticeable number of accidents recently.

However, there are not only questions, but also helpful answers. The following user has clearly won.
No further questions!

Originally posted 2015-05-13 12:03:36.