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Season 4, episode 3

  • 13. The Final Problem

    Season 4, Episode 3 (90 min.)

    Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) wants to find out at all costs what is up with his sister, who has been hushed up since childhood. Together with Watson (Martin Freeman) he sets a trap for his brother Mycroft (Mark Gatiss) to get him to talk. What the two of them experience makes them shudder: The psychotic Eurus (Sian Brooke) lives on a secret prison island where the “unmanageable” are locked away. They are the most dangerous of all criminals who cannot be treated or controlled in a normal prison. Together with Mycroft, the friends fly to prison island. There Sherlock meets a demon who has been waiting for him for a very long time: his abnormally intelligent sister, who killed as a child, is in league with the believed dead Moriarty (Andrew Scott) and knows how to manipulate people in frightening ways. Despite the security detention, Eurus managed to visit Sherlock as a client in London and to sneak into Watson's life. At Sherrinford the prisoner has secretly taken control, even the prison director (Art Malik) is powerless. For Sherlock, Watson and Mycroft a game of life and death begins in the cells in which the detective has to face his own repressed childhood.

    The last of the three new Sherlock films offers a furious finale: leading actor Benedict Cumberbatch has to dive into a repressed chapter of his hero's childhood and solve a riddle. Sian Brooke, who came in line in the previous two episodes, now makes her grand entrance as the highly dangerous psychopath who forces her brother into a game of cat and mouse. The screenwriters Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat show once again what makes the fascination of the globally successful television films: excellent actors, the fast-paced narrative with many daring twists, fueled by brilliant dialogues. In “The Last Problem”, allusions to classics of the mystery and horror genre also create brilliantly set moments of shudder. (Text: ARD)

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