When will people stop moving to Colorado?

10 things that bring you down when you're too stoned

In the entire history of the world, there has been no case of a fatal marijuana overdose. Even so, so many people got so high that they found themselves desired had they were dead, which is really scary.
Apart from psychological breakdowns, many people were just high and didn't like it because the expected feelings of euphoria and heightened sensitive perception were overshadowed by panic attacks, paranoia and palpitations. Should you ever find yourself in a situation of being uncomfortably high, here are a few things you can do.
But before we get there, you should know a few "don´ts": Do not answer your cell phone if you do not know who is calling and wants to speak to you. Don't use your stove or drive a car. Please don't stare in the mirror and certainly don't cut your bangs.
When your bad high is over, you can google "Maureen Dowd Colorado" to make sure you are not alone.
Here are 10 tips from David SchmadersWeed: The User’s Guidethat can help you come back from a bad trip.
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