Which TV internet box is the best

TV boxes in comparison: fast streaming at the push of a button

If you want to set up a TV box, you don't need any in-depth know-how. The box can be set up in just a few steps - provided you have electricity and an Internet connection:

Step 1: Connect the device to the TV - either directly via the HDMI connection or via an HDMI cable.

Step 2: Now connect the streaming box to the power plug using a USB cable and plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet. Only then is a continuous power supply guaranteed, which also allows high-resolution videos without stalling. It is true that power for the box can also be obtained via a USB port on the television. However, this is not recommended if you want to play 4K content smoothly.

step 3: Subsequently connect the TV box to the internet - via WLAN or Ethernet. Use the apps built into the user interface to stream content or download new apps.

Next to the HDMI connection has a TV box various other connections, for example for a USB stick or an external hard drive. External storage media are also useful for storing recorded content if the internal memory of the box is no longer sufficient.

MostTV boxes come with a remote control delivered; some models are also equipped with voice control. The user decides whether to search for the content manually or to use voice search. TV boxes like those from Amazon can also be operated via the associated app; in this case, the smartphone or tablet works as a remote control. Some devices can be expanded to include a wireless keyboard with an integrated touch pad. This makes searching for content even easier.