Has Sasuke ever laughed


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Susanoo13 wrote:
Yes, GEnjutsu are a matter of the mind; Tsukyomi is an eye thing.
Itachi's eyesight was extremely bad in the fight vs. Sasuke, which you could see from his point of view after the Fumashuriken ...
And if MS eyesight is related to the power of MS techniques, it was also due to its condition

As it did Amaterasu and Susanoo? The two jutsu looked just like you know them, full strength. But with Tsukuyomi it should be different?

Amatachi wrote:
sry, but unfortunately one point is not correct here: According to Tobi, Itachi could only live with strong medicine. He said that Itachi could barely stand on his feet and that was the only reason why it allowed the fight to take place so early. Itachi was very sick, almost dead in fact, he just didn't let it be noticed with the help of medicine. That's also where I wonder how strong Itachi is when he's actually healthy ...

In any case, the weakness was only seen after the use of Tsukuyomi.

You have to admit what the goals of Itachi were and he never wanted to kill Saske. So you can't say he fought with full force and claim that he uses Tsukyomi with full force and Saske breaks it with his normal Sharingan is probably a joke!

Actually, given the current state of affairs, this is very likely. Zetsu noticed that Itachi wasn't moving as it always did and was amazed. With Tsukuyomi, however, he has provided an explanation that is completely convincing. Interesting how many steadfastly ignore this.
We're talking about Itachi, probably the strongest Gen Jutsu user of Naruto Manga! Itachi is not only because he is a Uchia and Sharingan has so strong in Gen Jutsu but it is primarily his super high intelligence and abilities that combined with the MS in the area of ​​Gen Jutsu that perfected him and Saske wants to have broken it ???! ! Everyone has seen how Itachi messed up Kakashi with his Tsukyomi even though Kakashi himself is an MS owner he lay flat in the hospital for a week that says it all!

I'm afraid you just mercilessly underestimate Sasuke. Tsukuyomi is just about dealing with the Sharingan and Sasuke was clearly better than Kakashi.
I think for myself the opposing gene Jutsu would only be breakable if you yourself have a high level of intelligence and are yourself an expert in the gene jutsu and you have to honestly say that Saske is a good gene jutsu user but there are worlds between him and Itachi! ! Saske used Gen Jutsu doppelgangers against Deidara a few times and again his MS Gen Jutsu against Shii, but it wasn't nearly as powerful as Itachi's and so all questions about this fight should be open!

Sasuke is undoubtedly not as good at genjutsu as Itachi, but the point is not that he has to use genjutsu as strong as Itachi. He just has to break it, that's something completely different. Even a person who does not use genjutsu can pick it up.
Itachi only fought at half his strength and died in the end, but as the spiritually more intelligent he won by a huge margin against Saske and Saske has to live with this disgrace all his life. That's what it looks like !! xD

Senju ^^

Live with this disgrace, man you just make a fool of yourself with this Saz.

TheRealCahara wrote:
Hardly, otherwise he would have noticed that Itachi had no intention of killing him.

He didn't notice because Itachi brought him to his friends.
TheRealCahara wrote:
Itachi knew about Sasuke's curse mark and that it makes him stronger, so I can well imagine that he has prepared his tsukuyomi in such a way that it only breaks at a certain level and Sasuke exceeds his own strength (just stop when he does the mark used).
That seems far more logical to me than just using it and hoping his brother would break it.

Yes you maybe.