Why IAS Fears Politicians

BIELEFELD Arminia's president fears damage to his image

"It's not good to make headlines like that again." Of course, the association supports the investigation. "I think it's good that a neutral body is now dealing with the issue," said Brinkmann on request. He hopes for new knowledge.

The DSC has now handed over further documents for the stadium construction to the public prosecutor, confirmed DSC managing director Ralf Schnitzmeier. These are "just as internal planning documents as before". This is more or less proof that he, Schnitzmeier, is "interested in an unconditional clarification".

Brinkmann is not surprised by the investigations, after criticism of ex-President Hans-Hermann Schwick and treasurer Roland Kentsch had become loud at the previous general meeting. The commission appointed by the Presidium had complained that it had not been properly reported during the stadium construction and that there were no proper documents. After that, according to Brinkmann, it was to be expected that an investigation would take place. He himself received a phone call from employees on Friday at lunchtime when the investigators arrived at the office.

At the moment he stands by his predecessor Schwick. "The presumption of innocence applies, and then it is my job as President to face former volunteers." He cannot currently see who has suffered damage, because the stadium was not built overpriced, even if it was more expensive than planned.

Brinkmann did not want to say anything about possible claims for damages against Kentsch, which could result from the investigation results.