Are ethernet cables dangerous to fire?

Hide cables - 5 easy ways

1. Cable ducts as the simplest variant

The easiest way to hide cables is with cable ducts. You can do this Hardware store or online to buy. There are different models that differ from one another in terms of width and height. With a sharp knife, the plastic strips and the corresponding lids can be put on the cut to the correct length.

If it goes around the corner, a little manual skill is required. There are now cable ducts * in aluminum or oak wood optics. If you want and have the necessary know-how, you can build your own cable ducts - for example wooden.

2. Skirting boards with cable routing: ideal for loudspeakers

Baseboards * with built-in cable ducts are optically even more appealing and significantly less conspicuous. Existing baseboards can easily be exchanged. So you can visually upgrade your living room in one go and make annoying cables disappear.

If you have a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system, the Boxingstrategically distributed to get the best possible sound in the living room. For this it is necessary to install speakers behind the sofa. You could of course use the cables that go from the TV cabinet to the speakers laying across the room, but that is not particularly practical.

Skirting boards with built-in cable management are much more effective and nicer to look at here. The cables then simply disappear between the wall and the bar. You can find more information on the subject at

Particularly clever: hide small cables under the skirting board