How do I become an open girl

Castle secondary school for girls

The Schloss Realschule for girls offers a voluntary open all-day program for grades 5 and 6. From Monday to Friday there are various offers available to schoolgirls in the afternoon.

  • Registration for participation in the all-day offer takes place annually.
  • Participation in lunch is subject to a fee (€ 3 per meal or € 1 with a bonus card).
  • The registration can be binding for one, two, three, four or five days.
  • Many offers (with the exception of lunch) are free of charge. Costs only arise if extracurricular partners are involved.
  • The offers usually take place in the school.
Our goals
  • We awaken and increase the joy of playing, moving, making music, learning and living.
  • We take a lot of time and open up a wide range of opportunities for social learning.
  • We open our school and work together with extracurricular partners.
  • We offer reliability, trust and a family atmosphere.
  • We encourage and challenge specifically and want to do justice to every single girl.
Having lunch

The pupils eat together Monday to Thursday in the "Cafe Visible" run by the Protestant Youth Stuttgart (EJuS). The menu plan is designed for young people and the dishes are freshly prepared. Lunch consists of a main course and a salad or dessert. There is tea or water to drink. There is always a vegetarian meal and no pork is used.

Ms. Geidis and her staff enjoy cooking for our girls. Schoolgirls in the 8th grade serve the food as part of the social engagement project. Eating in a community is fun and strengthens the cohesion of a class. Of course, we also make sure that a certain regulatory framework is adhered to during lunch.

Afternoon program

After lunch, lessons or homework supervision take place for the students. In addition, there are various funding opportunities and many different working groups in which the pupils can become active in sports or music, or let their creativity run free, depending on their interests.