How do I sit down on the bench like a powerlifter

Interview - bending, pressing, lifting: This is what the world champion in powerlifting says about his sport

Bending, pressing, lifting: This is what the world champion in powerlifting says about his sport

Mirco Pinato from St. Erhard is strong as a bear: the 56-year-old has just become world champion in powerlifting in Slovakia.

Mirco Pinato, you only did one squat at the World Cup.

Yes, but with 180 kilos on the neck.

I see! Then explain what was required at the Powerlifting World Championships in Slovakia.

In addition to the squat, there is also the bench press. I lie on a bench, lift the weight out of the anchoring as with the squat and lift it up from my chest. Here I managed 150 kilos. And the third discipline is the deadlift. The weight is at hip height, then it means: Stand tall and stretched out. At 215 kilos.

In which category did you start?

In the category up to 100 kilos and 55 to 59 years. First I had to pass a pre-qualification in Switzerland. In Trnava, Slovakia, I had to really accelerate again in the final. You watch the competition and play poker. Should I play it safe or should I risk a little more? In the end it worked.

After the World Cup, the Swiss championship was also on the agenda. How did it go for you there?

In Wangen an der Aare, I only took part in the bench press. I pushed 155 kilos and actually got gold. I knew I had to push over 150 pounds.

Which discipline is the toughest?

The squat. In my opinion, the risk of injuring yourself, in the knees or in the back, is greatest when doing the squat. I've been doing the bench press for a long time and I'm used to that. With the deadlift, it's like this: either it will ... or it will not.

How did you get started with powerlifting?

I did martial arts as a boy. Judo, karate - I've already brought home various medals. When I was 18, I also did strength training, boxing for a while, and always fitness training. Then I got too old for martial arts. In 2017 I accompanied a colleague to the Powerlifting World Championships in Prague ... and there I decided that I would start in 2018 myself.

What does your family actually say about your sporting activity?

I can count on the support of my wife Sabine and the two children as well as the support of the employees in my labeling company. The day before I left for Slovakia I was already in bed when my daughter Giuliana came into the room and said: "Dad, come home as world champion!" I knew then what to do. The pressure was already extremely high beforehand. I've never been as nervous as at the World Cup. My son Gianluca also applauded me when I got home. When I won the title, however, I first called my mother Rosa to Sursee. She is 81 and has no Whatsapp.

Where do you train

I have my own fitness studio not far from my workplace, which I have set up especially for powerlifting. For me it is also a place of calm, an oasis. When I train alone, however, AC / DC or other hard rock music plays. Every now and then I train with a powerlifting colleague, the technique is checked and small mistakes are corrected. Despite hard training, I feel reborn every time.

What does the strong man do in his spare time?

I used to be a show jumper as a hobby for around ten years. I've always stayed loyal to fitness. I am also a Harley Davidson driver and have enthusiastic sports vehicles such as a Mangusta or a De Tomaso Pantera in my hobby garage. I have also been the main person in charge of the Deer Park Sursee for ten years. At the moment we have 18 animals, two days a week I take care of the feeding myself. In addition, I take long walks with the German shepherd Abbey. Unfortunately, her mate Bealie recently passed away.

What about injuries in your sport?

Everyone's tweaking somewhere. Anyone who claims otherwise is lying. If there is a pinch in the chest, it may already be a bruise. The biggest injury, namely torn shoulder ligaments, I got while skiing. In terms of stamina, I was actually not in top shape at the two title competitions. But it's about the explosive power. I also gave up any drop of alcohol for a year. The alcohol goes to the nerve center, that's not good. But after the Swiss championship title, I definitely deserved a beer.

Do you need to be very careful about your diet?

Diet is very important. But I'm actually always allowed to eat well, even in the preparatory phase. I can have something on my ribs, I'm not a bodybuilder.