Are trades being replaced by computers

Photo galleryThese jobs could be replaced by artificial intelligence

What was only the subject of science fiction films years ago has now become reality: artificial intelligence. A software that learns on the basis of large amounts of data and continues to refine its capabilities.

These programs can now play chess much better than humans ever can, they can draw, write books and even compose music. But robots with artificial intelligence should also help people to cope with everyday life in the future.

The preparation for the participation of self-driving cars in road traffic is becoming more and more concrete and mail order companies such as Zalando and Otto are now having their product descriptions written by software that accommodates the essential data of the products in a coherent text.

The use of artificial intelligence in production promises growth and increases in efficiency. Depending on the prognosis of various studies, annual growth due to AI of up to 1.4 percent is expected until 2035. But for many, this development also arouses unease. Because artificial intelligence will probably also revolutionize some job profiles. For some time, for example, it has been speculated that there will soon be no more professional train drivers or bus drivers. That is how realistic it seems that AI will soon take over these activities.

In addition to occupations in transport, there are also other jobs that may be affected by the takeover by artificial intelligence in the near future. This is a selection of professional groups in which the work of programs with artificial intelligence has already been successfully tested.

@Fraunhofer IPA, Rainer Bez
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# 6 seller

It is already rolling through branches of Saturn and Mediamarkt in Hamburg, Berlin, Ingolstadt and Zurich: The seller 4.0. The Care-O-bot 4 of the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA informs customers about products and directs them to the appropriate shelf. With the latest model of the robot assistant, the developers paid particular attention to social manners. "Care-O-bot 4 is able to show several moods depending on the situation via its display integrated in the head," it says. "While the previous model was designed as a reserved, rather distant butler, its successor is as courteous, friendly and personable as a gentleman."

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# 5 service, caregiver

The Care-O-bot 4 from the Fraunhofer Institute can, however, sell far more than electrical devices. It should also support older people in everyday life or assist nursing staff in hospitals and homes. For the developers, the possible uses of the modular robot (optionally with or without arms) are almost endless: hotel reception, waiters, room service, butlers, cleaning staff, entertainment stations, smart trolleys, right through to clearing shelves in the warehouse.

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# 4 prostitutes

Inflated was yesterday. Technical progress does not stop at sex dolls either. Not only do they look and feel more and more realistic. The lifelike sex robots can be programmed with a "personality" using an app.

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# 3 bus driver

The music of the future is slowly becoming a reality. In October 2017, Deutsche Bahn started what it claims to be the first autonomous line service nationwide. Only a driver is on board who can intervene if necessary. The use is still manageable. The bus without a driver only rolls around 700 meters through the Lower Bavarian spa town of Bad Birnbach on public roads. The next step is imminent: In 2018, Hamburg is to receive a test field with a train station connection for autonomous electric buses. Deutsche Bahn plans that in future the buses will not only run according to the timetable, but will also be available on demand.

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# 2 journalists

Complex contextual and linguistic relationships often overwhelm the AI. But automated processes are already in use for simple issues in the news area. The programs “write” weather reports, provide information on football results or share prices.