How does Google serve billions of requests

100 million searches per day: DuckDuckGo with a new record

For the first time, DuckDuckGo served over 100 million search queries in one day. This is evident from the company's data, which the Search Engine Journal used.

On average, according to this data, DuckDuckGo averages around 90 million searches per day in January 2021. In January of the previous year, the search engine was able to service an average of around 52 million search queries a day. So the growth can be clearly seen. The search engine is now global and the company with the sixth highest market share on desktop and mobile devices, according to Statcounter. Accordingly, DuckDuckGo has 0.6 percent market share. Compared to the 2.69 percent of Microsoft's Bing and the more than 91 percent of Google, this is still very low. In the mobile sector, however, DuckDuckGo is ahead of Bing worldwide, and in the USA with a 2.25 percent market share even in second place behind Google.

Compared to the search volume on Google and Bing, the 100 million inquiries per day is a small number. At the end of 2020, Bing said it was serving 13.9 billion searches per month on the desktop alone. At Google, the numbers are growing steadily; according to various media, the number is currently in the mid-single-digit billion range, based on the search queries that are served per day.

Nevertheless, the growth in the DuckDuckGo search engine can be clearly seen. The search engine, which does not store any user data, is gradually gaining more weight. However, it still lacks the features to be able to seriously compete with Google or Bing at the moment.