What are the best home theater designs

Home theater system test 2021 • The 7 best home theater systems in comparison

What is a home theater system and how does it work?

A home theater system will help you do that movie theater to bring directly to your home. With such a system, you can have a special experience with excellent at home in your living room at home Sound experience. TV unfortunately mostly deliver a rather mediocre sound quality, so that you are with a Home theater system can gradually increase the sound quality. If you switch such a system to the television, benefit You of a better sound.

The player of the Systems ensures that the Blueray, DVD or the desired format can be played. In addition, there must be a high-quality sound system that can be used in the Home theater system is integrated. The comparison and the analysis show here that different formats are supported. In addition, a classic soundbar in the system offers the option of playing high-quality sounds. Often even one is sufficient, especially for small rooms Soundbar.

Instead of Soundbar however, you can also choose a surround system. This includes a subwoofer and speakers that are then throughout room are distributed and thus a Dolby Enable surround sound. There are such solutions, for example, in the 3.1, 5.1 and 7.1 variants. All in all, the possibilities within a home theater system are almost limitless - depending on yours taste and requirements, you can choose a system with the desired components.

Home theater systems value for money chart

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Areas of application - the home theater system in use

Basically there is in the domestic private use two different areas of application. On the one hand, the system can help make films with a high quality volume to support. In addition, it is also possible to have music in significantly improved form quality to play.


Movies on a big one Flat screen or a canvas offer a special one Experience. However, this is nowhere near enough. Because that Movie fun stands and falls with the sound quality.

So if you want to watch the new blockbuster at home with your partner or if you want to cheer on at a sports event with friends and acquaintances, a home cinema is just the thing for you.


Same goes for that Music. Because your favorite songs only sound really good when the sound quality is really high. For a private party or a few quiet hours, this is it Play of music with a home theater system is just right. Because the comparison shows that when different options are juxtaposed, home theater is the best choice.

What types of home theater systems are there?

In addition, there is one Variety different types in one Home theater system.

Home theater for small spaces

The division into different species can also be done based on personal needs. If you need a home theater for small rooms, they will usually suffice inexpensive Variants. This can be, for example, a compact 3.1 system for the home theater in small Clearing enough. Sometimes a special experience even comes with a big one Flat screen possible, so that no canvas is required.

Home cinema for large rooms or your own cinema room

This looks different with large ones Clearing or even your own cinema room. Who one Home theater for a large room, you should choose a system with a modern projector. In addition, a little more money should be budgeted for the sound, in order to really get one high quality Ensure quality. The Dolby Surround variant is extremely popular.

Brief information on the leading 7 manufacturers / brands

  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • Angry
  • Yamaha
  • LG
  • devil
  • Logitech
At Sonyis the third largest electronics company from Japan. The company was founded back in 1946 and is based in Minato, near Tokyo, Japan. Over 100,000 people work for the consumer electronics company known around the world. The Japanese generate annual sales of around 70 billion dollars. Compared to other companies, Sony relies on a wide range of consumer electronics products. This includes audio devices, televisions, game consoles and cell phones. Logically, the home cinema system tested by experts is also part of the product range, which can be found in almost every external test and comparison. The external test and the proficiency test show that Sony products are of an extremely high quality.
With Samsungis also one of the largest companies in the world and the South Korean industry giant is one of the leading manufacturers in the home theater sector. The company from South Korea has been active since 1938 and generates annual sales of over 200 billion euros. This makes Samsung one of the largest companies in the world. The conglomerate is primarily active in the field of household appliances, smartphones and entertainment electronics. One or the other home theater system from Samsung can be found in the external test and usually gets a good test grade after the evaluation. The test reveals a high level of satisfaction among the experts, especially in terms of quality.
In the AngryCorporation is a US company based in Framingham in the United States of America. Bose has been producing high-quality audio technology for private users and professional specialists since 1964. The annual turnover is around 3.5 billion euros. In Germany, Bose GmbH is based in Friedrichsdorf, Hesse. In addition to the home theater system, Bose also offers vehicle acoustics, headphones, sound systems and many other high-quality products. If you look at a test and comparison, you will find many high-quality products from Bose that shine when inspected with innovative functions and a high-quality design.
The YamahaCorporation is a Japanese company listed on the Nikkei 225. The Japanese stock corporation is based in Hamamatsu and looks back on almost 150 years of history. Because the beginnings of Yamaha go back to the year 1887. Even though Yamaha is very broadly positioned, the majority of products and services come from the electronics and music sectors. The high-quality products also include a home theater system, which you can comprehensively compare with other models with the help of an external test.
In addition to the global player Samsung comes with LGalso another of the leading companies in the home theater division from South Korea. LG was founded in 1947 and is based in the South Korean capital, Seoul. The conglomerate is known all over the world primarily thanks to the extremely successful subsidiary LG Electronics. Over 226,000 employees work for the entire company. LG is still one of the world's most successful companies in the electronics industry. LG Electronics also contributes more than half of LG's total sales.
With devilis also a German manufacturer of audio equipment in the leading companies in the home theater system. The company, which was founded in 1979, is based in Berlin and has 200 employees. In recent years, Teufel has positioned itself more and more broadly and internationally. This ensures that Teufel speakers is an extremely successful German company that sells the speakers and home theater systems from the test worldwide - thanks to Made in Germany, the best choice for many buyers.
Logitech is a Swiss company that has been active in the computer and accessories sector since 1981. The company is based in Apples, Switzerland. Almost 6,000 employees ensure annual sales in the billions. In the meantime, Logitech has expanded its product range and offers significantly more than computer accessories. Entertainment electronics such as a home theater system are also developed and produced by Logitech. In addition, the products mostly achieved a good test result in the external test.


Various criteria play at the Qualifying Examination and the external test play an important role. You can also use these aspects to help you buy and sell Consideration so that you can make the best choice for you.

scope of delivery

In a test of one Home theater system it also and especially depends on the scope of delivery. Because not every home cinema system is set up the same way. While in the one set one Surround system is included with a player, subwoofer and much more, the other home theater system only has a classic soundbar. Ultimately, the external test shows various possibilities in this area. You should make the subsequent comparison with your individual in mind As needed carry out.


In addition, the size is also one significant Criteria. Because in the external test usually cut smaller ones Systems better off, because then the space requirement is not so large.

A compact design also has the advantage that you can quickly assemble and dismantle the home cinema system and transport it.


At the Home theater system The design and appearance also play a role. Because most of them Buyers want a high-quality product with an elegant design that is both optics as well as acoustics shine.


In addition, the handling and operation is an important criterion when testing and comparing different models. With a convenient remote control it is at best possible to operate the home theater system. Then you can remotely and in no time at all Settings modify.


In addition, the power a feature by means of which the various models can be compared and differentiated. Because the watt number and that from it resulting Performance levels vary. In addition, the bass is also differently pronounced, so that you have one in this regard comparison of the different models from different manufacturers.

Sound quality

One of the main The criteria in the test is the sound quality of the home theater system. Finally, you can use simple speakers or those from the TV use. However, if you have a high quality Sound experience you need a system that convinces with high quality in tests and comparisons.


Various Connections allow a connection to the television, receiver, DVD player and much more. Basically, the motto is that more connections also offer greater convenience and more options. A home theater system with different Connectivity thus usually performs better in the test.

Network connectivity

In addition, the Experts | in the product test also the Network connectivity. In the course of digitization, from today's perspective it is advantageous if you can use the home theater system via WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS can integrate into your home network.

Common defects and weaknesses - these are the things I have to look out for when buying a home theater system!

There are also several Defects, which are often cited by some of the critics. in the Following there are the most common seven Disadvantage.

Expandable sound

On the one hand it sounds More often the criticism that the sound from the home theater system is expandable. However, this is not what the buyers want. Rather, with the purchase of such a system, the users aim to increase the quality and a better sound experience compared to conventional speakers. Consequently, when buying and comparing, you should make sure that the sound quality is good Test result scores.

Too high a price

In addition, some feel Buyers the price for the home theater system is too high. This is especially the case when the buyer fails to provide the offer quality and are satisfied with the functions. As a result, you should compare the price-performance ratio of different models so as not to spend too much money on your new one Home theater to spend.

The best price-performance ratio means a relatively high quality for the lowest possible price.

Weak bass

In addition, many would like to Users a strong and distinctive bass from a home theater system. However, not all systems and models can score points in the external test. Rather, some show up Buyers just not nearly satisfied with the bass. Consequently If you want a pronounced bass, you should also pay attention to this aspect when buying.

Inadequate remote control

Not all remotes are qualitative high-quality. For example, some models have too few setting options, while others have remote controls Button are overloaded.

The Buyers not really satisfied with a home theater system.

Rather, users want a healthy mediocrity that is quick and convenient service is possible.

Because a high level of handling comfort is also due to the correct remote control.

Inferior workmanship and optics

In addition, the processing not always satisfactory from one or the other home theater system in the test. Some buyers complain that the Manufacturer were negligent in the processing and the look is not really elegant as a result. Since the home cinema system is usually located in the living room and the guests' field of vision, most of them place Users high value on a high-quality look.

No instruction manual included

In addition, one actually also belongs operation manual included in the scope of delivery of a high-quality home theater system. However, some manufacturers do not send one along Operation manual. However, if the setup is not problem-free and flawless, criticize many buyers forego the instructions.

Because with guidance it would be the first time Facility and the permanent one business much easier. Consequently, when buying, you should make sure that the model you want is in the test can score with an instruction manual in German.

Connectivity is not always guaranteed

Who his home theater system with WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS want to connect to your own network, depends on good connectivity. Unfortunately, not all models can make this claim. Because sometimes it breaks connection frequently and is not really stable. Who on WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS If connectivity is important, you should buy a model that scores well in this area in the test.

Internet vs. specialist retailers: where is the best place to buy my home theater system?

Internetor store - you are spoiled for choice Choice. Either buy your new home theater system in the shop around the corner or grab your laptop and do one Online purchase. There are both advantages and disadvantages for both variants.

For purchase in one Specialized trade The personal advice from the experts speaks for you in particular. In the best case, the advice is given personally, individually and expertly. You also have the Possibility, to inspect the home cinema system directly on site. Then you know immediately whether the system can meet your optical requirements. However, there are also arguments for buying in Internet different reason. Because almost every product is now also available in the online shop.

There benefit You have a time and place-independent way of ordering - no matter when and from where you can buy the home cinema system. In addition, there is a Online shop mostly the cheaper prices - after all, online mail order companies don't need one sales staff and the other expenses are also lower.

During the entire purchase process, you have the option of making a comparison online and studying the result of one or the other test at the same time.

The better ones establish speak for a purchase on the Internet. You can go straight to a comparison the fitting Home theater system order, which will then be delivered directly to your home within a very short time.

Stiftung Warentest home theater system test - the results

To this day, the Experts | Stiftung Warentest has not yet dedicated a test of a home theater system.This is no different with the colleagues from Ökotest. Both Tester already have various components of such a system such as the screen, speakers, one Subwoofer and much more analyzed and tested. However, with the test and comparison of a whole system until today - but maybe that will change in the near future.

But still have different lay and professional Tester the Home theater system already tested. We show you these results in our comparison table. So that you have help with your comparison to get the best Home theater system to find.


What are the advantages of a home theater system?

A home theater system combines different advantages together. On the one hand, with such a system you have the option of a one-off Cinema experience To experience at home. Because a home theater system offers a lot more quality and a bigger one experience than watching movies on a television.

The Surround sound ensures that you are right in the middle of the action. Friends, acquaintances and family will love to come to you to enjoy the great things at sporting events and blockbusters Ambience to enjoy. A simple connection and countless possibilities for the composition are further advantages of such a system Systems.

How expensive is a home theater?

On the market For home theater systems there are a variety of different models that differ depending on the Scope, Differentiate between quality and brand. As a result, the price also depends on your personal preferences and individual needs.

Beginners can look out for particularly inexpensive offers that only consist of the rudimentary components of a home theater system.

These Beginner models are already available for 100 euros. Of course, there are also models for professionals. You can easily add four-digit amounts to the table attach to a high quality and professional Home theater system to get from a well-known provider.

What sound formats are there?

At a Home theater system there are different sound formats. Manufacturers have now established different formats on the market. These are, for example, Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, DTS and DTS HD. Most devices support almost all common formats when Play of series, films and music. So you can use the Normal case be sure that you can play the format you want in high quality without any problems.

How do I best transfer the music?

It all depends on that Home theater system and your needs - basically you can test the system from the external with an HDMI cable, or Bluetooth WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS connect. While the wireless version in terms of Comfort Offer advantages, the quality is often best over the HDMI cable.

Can I also rent a home theater system?

Nowadays there are also some providers that Cinema systems to rent. Because a high-quality system can easily cost around 1000 euros. If you don't want to spend this amount, you have the option of getting one that was approved in the test from a professional provider Home theater system to borrow - for example if a special one Event pending, where you can experience the cinema at home together with families and friends.

What are wireless versions?

Meanwhile there is also wireless Variants. Because you can then connect the television to the home theater system via Internet streaming and WLAN. Disturbing cables no longer have to be laid in the apartment.

The diverse Models from the test offer the option of connecting via Bluetooth or WLAN. No cables, no dust and none Stumbling blocks - all of these are the benefits of a wireless home theater system.

What can I do with a home theater system?

A home theater system offers different options. Especially looking at Blockbusters is possible. For example when you watch the new episode of Game of Thrones or the new James Bond movie want, is this with Dolby Surround clear more authentic.

You can find yourself in the middle of that Happening put in. In addition, your favorite songs are available via Streaming music nice to listen to through the system. You have no time or no money for the concert tickets? - no problem - because with the home cinema system you get yours Private concert home.

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Which Home Theater System for Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos is the latest Dolby theatrical audio format in which Hollywood films are made. Each loudspeaker can be controlled individually and ceiling loudspeakers (7.1. Home theater system) are also provided. A loudspeaker system for Dolby Atmos from brands such as Denon etc. is also very expensive. Even if your television broadcasts in Dolby Atmos, a "normal" 5.1. Home theater system, as Dolby Atmos is backwards compatible (Dolby Vision, Dolby Digital and other formats).

Which brands are particularly popular in home theater systems?

There are numerous well-known manufacturers. Regional favorites come from internationally known companies such as Bose, Pioneer, Sony or Canton. In Germany, for example, the boxes from the German company Teufel are very popular (they are also regularly tested by Stiftung Warentest), while the American brand ELAC is favored in the USA.

Better 5.1 or 7.1 home theater system?

Home cinema experts like Dennis Burger (American technology journalist for home entertainment, HomeTechTell, HDLiving, the wirecutter etc.) consider a 5.1 home cinema system to be sufficient for most people. In a 7.1 home theater system, 2 ceiling speakers are also installed.

Which home theater system for gamers?

A 5.1 home theater system is also interesting for gamers. In the price segment of less than 250 euros, for example, the Logitech Z906 5.1 Sound System is a recommendation, which the manufacturer also explicitly advertises for PC / PS4 / Xbox.

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