What is VMware

Virtualbox vs. Vmware vs. Hyper-V - the best virtual PC

Vmware Player - free for home users

The Vmware Player is the free version of the virtualization software from Vmware for private users. With the Vmware Player you can open fully configured virtual machines ("play", hence the name "Player") and create new virtual PCs. The software supports almost all Windows versions and many Linux variants, but is limited to a few settings for new virtual PCs. The player also lacks the management and remote control functions for virtual computers over the network from Vmware Workstation. The biggest limitation compared to Virtualbox, however, is the lack of snapshots, with which the current state of a virtual PC can be saved so that it can be accessed again later.

The Vmware Player uses a quick installation method with which virtual machines of current Windows and Linux operating systems can be created with just a few clicks. Click on “Create a New Virtual Machine” in the player window. You then have several options to choose from: The “Installer disc” command requires an installation DVD. Give the player the DVD drive to create the virtual machine directly from a setup DVD. With “Installer disc image (iso)” you specify an ISO image file for the installation of the guest computer. The Vmware Player usually recognizes the operating system used automatically. The "I will install the operating system later" option skips the installation wizard and just sets up an empty virtual machine in which you then install the guest operating system.

Tip: If the Vmware Player setup routine reports that installation on your PC is not possible, you may have activated Microsoft Hyper-V. To use Vmware Player, you must first disable Hyper-V and then run the Vmware Player installer again.