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Translation for "leaf through an old book" in Italian

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Anyway if you're on page 693 in this scroll old book, then you will find an exception for this very law.
Tuttavia, see andate a page 693 di questo tomo, troverete un'eccezione a quella norma.

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Then you can go through this Leaf through the book and mark lines and words.
That's a very old book.
For Christmas I got a magic box and a very old book about card tricks.
A Natale ho ricevuto una scatola di trucchi e un libro antico sui giochi con le carte.
The rest came from one old book of the men of knowledge.
The killer leads us to one old book.
Pictures here come from a lot old book.
Perfect, I need one old book.
After the fight, a larger Aurak Draconian named Myrtani appears and steals one old book.
Dopo la battaglia arriva Myrtani, un draconico Aurack maggiore, che ruba un antico libro e si teleporta via ignorando gli avventurieri.
The killer instructs us old book down.
I have the recipe in hers old book found.
I got the recipe from hers old book.
I read a lot in one old book about that.
Wow, pretty expensive for one old book.
OLD BOOK We have that book the third era probably found.
Abbiamo trovato il Libro della Terza Era.
A dusty one old book Finding is easier than a stubborn girl.
Trovare un vecchio libro polveroso è molto più facile che rintracciare un ragazza testarda, che non vuole essere trovata.
Basically, you do it by talking to you old book begins.
Sostanzialmente funziona in questo modo: si comincia con un vecchio libro.
And I have one here old book, from which I would like to read something to you.
A old book by Izaak Walton called "The Perfect Angler".
U.N vecchio libro di Izaak Walton, intitolato "Il pescatore provetto".
And I have one here old book, from which I would like to read something to you.
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