Import Export is a great career option


The export is called the Selling products abroad. The opposite is that import, which denotes the purchase of foreign goods. From a legal point of view, only sales to countries outside the EU are considered to be exports, since the EU is common Utility room is understood. This is due to the fact that within the EU most of the regulations that affect exports are no longer applicable. Selling abroad gives companies the opportunity to open up new markets, which is particularly important when it comes to their own market saturated is. With this in mind, the export has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the perspective.

Export - advantages & disadvantages


  • New marketwhich ideally has not yet been saturated by similar products.
  • Expansion of the customer base: The expansion to several countries brings new sales opportunities.
  • New contextualization of the product (possibly "upgrading" of the product)
  • Exploitation of Price differences, Currency differences and purchasing power
  • National brand use (brand value of a country such as "Made in Germany")


  • Import duties, tax burden, disadvantages from currency differences
  • missing Sales structures
  • other Legal situation
  • other cultural framework
  • have existing competitors Advantage of being resident