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Fit in the internship

An internship can mess up everyday life. For most students, it consists of a jumble of lectures, part-time jobs, study phases and, of course, parties. That changes suddenly with the internship. Suddenly you always have to get up on time in the morning, to work and after a long day at work home in the evening - every day. There is not much time left for parties, friends and sports. No wonder that fitness can also suffer a lot. Interns usually have little exercise - there’s plenty of fast food during the lunch break. It is therefore not uncommon for you to take a few extra pounds home with you from the internship in addition to professional experience, new knowledge and a good job reference. The saying “I have a back” is also being heard more and more frequently from interns. But what to do

So that your health does not have to suffer during the internship, we have put together tips on all aspects of fitness during the internship.

I have a back!

What did you roll your eyes as a child when your mother complained again that you should sit up straight. In retrospect, unfortunately, you have to admit: She was right! After long days of internship at the PC, your back can hurt - and this is usually due to incorrect posture or poor office equipment. If you sit at a desk all day, you should insist on a decent office chair and make sure you sit sensibly. So you should change your sitting position regularly, so you can relieve the spine and strain different muscle groups.

By the way, the lunch break is not just for eating, it is also an opportunity to stretch your legs. It's not only doing your back a big favor, but also your hips and head. After half a day of stuffy office air, there is nothing better than taking a deep breath outside. It doesn't always have to be fast food!

Spending your lunch break in the chip shop next door is tempting. But those who reliably generate sales there every day will quickly receive the receipt. It is not that difficult to eat healthily. The selection of cheap and above all healthy ready meals is growing every day, snack bars and pizzerias offer pizza, french fries, doner kebab and co.

Every course makes you slim!

Unfortunately, it is not possible for every intern to reach their workplace on foot or by bike. In general, however, if you are lucky enough to have this option, you should take advantage of it. “Every gait makes you slim” is not just a stupid saying, a study has shown that people who come to work by bike or on foot are healthier and fitter. Even with the daily decision “stairs or elevator?”, As a fit intern, you should overcome your weaker self and choose the stairs.

If you still have some energy left after the internship, you can still let off steam jogging or taking a sports course.