How can you motivate someone to learn

3 simple steps to get you motivated to learn right away

by Tim Reichel

There is a crucial reason why many students get bad grades and stay far below their means in their studies. It's not because they're too stupid or they don't really want success. The reason is this: These students cannot motivate to learn independently.

In principle, they want. But they can't. They block themselves. They invent excuses so that they don't have to study, deal with alibi actions or sit at their desks, dig out their documents and ... play with their smartphones, watch Netflix or google for the largest sand deposits in South America.

This approach is anything but productive.

And I bet you belong to that kind of student sometimes and waste your time. Every now and then this may be okay, but at the end of the day this behavior makes you unhappy. In fact, you are making yourself miserable. And that shouldn't be.

That's why I'm going to show you how you can motivate yourself to learn in three simple steps.


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How to motivate yourself to learn

If you think that you will need iron discipline and Tibetan willpower to study, you are wrong. You need a little bit of courage to write something and a stopwatch.

But one after anonther:


Step 1: start over!

It's never too early - and it's never too late to start over. No matter what situation you are in: You always have the opportunity to start over in the next moment. Regardless of what happened yesterday, last week or in the past five years. None of that counts. And that is exactly the huge advantage of a new start: You leave everything behind and start a new chapter. Without feelings of guilt, without legacy.

The only important thing is that you mean business. Because the dynamic of a new beginning will immediately fizzle out again without the real intention of wanting to change something and will not get you any further. So make a firm decision to start over and do it right this time - right down to the last resort.

Make your fresh start (even if you start with a small step) something big. It is not one of twenty-three equivalent options, but your unique chance to forget old mistakes and do a lot better from now on.

To do: Start a fresh start today! Make it a firm decision to work towards your goal with full commitment from today and take the first step right now!


Step 2: set a goal and write it down!

A goal only becomes a real goal when you write it down. So get in the habit of writing down your goals. Classically on paper. At first glance, it looks like a small step, but this point has a major impact on your chances of success and your willingness to act. Very big, actually.

By writing down your goal, you make it tangible: you can see it and touch it. And that makes it real. It is no longer a vague wish or some kind of fantasy, but a binding goal. Your aim. It stands before you; you can see it And because of that, you are much more likely to deal with it and do whatever it takes to achieve it. You can no longer simply remove your goal from your thoughts. It stands in front of you and can no longer be removed from the world.

A written goal will motivate and spur you on. It's more than just an expression of interest; it is more of an official agreement with yourself. The likelihood that you will stick to this deal (or at least try to do so) is much greater than a spontaneous idea floating around in your head.

To do: Formulate a written goal for your study session! Write it clearly visible on a piece of paper and place it so that you can see it easily while you study!


Step 3: start a timer!

You know that: You are sitting in the classroom. You are nervous. The exams are distributed. Gasping. And then the professor says the three magic words: “Your time is running out.” Now it counts. Time is running out. Every second is precious. You are under pressure. You don't really know what to write. But you have to start. You mustn't waste any time. You start.

Stress? Yes. Motivation to start? But hello! And all because of the three words. Three little words with a big impact. It goes without saying that time goes by - but by consciously specifying a time limit, by including a countdown, your willingness to act is increased many times over.

You can just as easily use this effect for your daily work by setting a timer to work on your tasks. Start a stopwatch every time you sit down at your desk to study or work through your lecture notes. The running time puts you under pressure and you find a quick start. Your time is running out - you have to start. And: this time is working time. Distractions are taboo. You don't have a spare second for that now.

To do: Set a timer for 30 minutes and start studying! Do not stop until your timer interrupts you!


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Everyone - and I mean REALLY EVERYONE - can motivate themselves to learn in no time at all. It's not difficult and doesn't require any special skills. You just need a smart strategy. And that's exactly what you got in this article - all you have to do now is stick to it.

The three small steps from above will help you overcome your bad study habits and finally make the study progress you deserve. Do not mourn old opportunities, but start a new beginning. Do not just start learning, but define written goals. Don't waste your resources, start a timer and learn on time.

You have everything you need Start learning now. It's easy and you will feel good afterwards.

I wish you success!

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