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Montana is a sparsely populated huge state in the northern United States. The northern border of the state is also that Land border with Canada. Idaho, Wyoming, South and North Dakota are the surrounding neighboring states.
In terms of area, Montana is the fourth largest state in the USA, still live in Montana just over a million people. The state is also great for fly fishing, rafting, winter sports, hiking, and mountain biking.
Nature lover can visit Glacier National Park or Yellowstone National Park.Animal lover have the opportunity to spot black bears, grizzly bears, bison, deer, elk, reindeer and even wolves.

Capital: Helena
Largest city: Billings
Population: 1062000 inhabitants
Area: 380,800 km2
Highest point: Granite Peak (3903 m.)


The largest city in Montana is Billings with approximately 110,000 residents. The city has enough to offer you Stopover to consider on your route at this location. Billings is a city with many nice restaurants and shops. There are also many small breweries in Billings. For example, try the Fried Dynamite Stout or the Dog Slobber Brown Ale in the Angry Hanks Microbrewery.

Zimmerman Park, Billings


This city is located in the middle of Montana and is one of the smallest capitals in all US states. Even so, the city has a rich history. In the late 19th century, it was one of the richest cities in the United States due to the gold rush. Around there a lot of gold mined many imposing Victorian-style mansions were built in the 19th century.

Today Helena is an excellent one Starting point for winter sports, Mountain biking and hiking. There are many nature reserves in the area Biking and hiking trails

In the city itself, especially in the southwest part, it is still easy to see how it used to be. Learn about the daily life of the miners who lived in the city on Reeder's Alley.
Also visit the St. Helena Cathedral. This beautiful cathedral with red roofs and towers was built in 1914.

St. Helena Cathedral

Glacier National Park

Far away from the big cities, on the border with Canada, you will find this beautiful national park. Despite its remote location, this park attracts more than three million visitors at. The park offers almost everything a Nature lover seeks. Wild animals, snow-capped peaks, Forests, lakes, rivers, glaciers and enough roads and hiking trails to discover it all.

One of the main roads through the park is the Going to the Sun Road. Drivers will love the beautiful view be amazed by the valleys, forests, lakes and mountains of the glacier. This route appears in many lists as one of the most beautiful routes in North America. When you are out and about, we recommend that you take a break from time to time great photos and visit the Logan Pass Visitor Center.

Glacier NP

Yellowstone National Park

In addition to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park is - to a small extent - also in Montana. From Billings, you can drive to Yellowstone National Park in approximately 4 hours. This world famous park has an enormous biodiversity. Visitors are drawn to bubbling geysers, thundering waterfalls, Mountain areas, deep valleys, dense pine forests and many different kind of animals to meet.

By far the most famous place in Yellowstone National Park is the Old Faithfull Geyser. The geyser owes its name to the fact that it constantly blows water and steam up to a height of 45 meters approximately every hour and a half. Aside from geysers, there are hundreds of in this park hot Springs. The largest - Grand Prismatic Spring - is easy to visit thanks to a special trail. The many are also characteristic of this source bright colors. From light blue to orange.

Wildlife lover have a great chance of finding them in the park. The bison can be found without difficulty. It is a little more difficult to spot wolves or bears that also live in the park.

Yellowstone NP

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

This memorial gives visitors a glimpse into the bloody battle waged by the US military and Native American people in the 19th century, which made one final armed attempt to preserve their territory and way of life. Colonel George A. Custer fought thousands of Indians with 263 soldiers. It was a major defeat for the US military.
Bighorn Montana

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