Nothing bruh what's going on

Translation of "Bro" in English

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Just wasn't your day Bro.
It just wasn't your day, bruh.
I may have to stay here in Miami and take care of you Bro.
I might have to stay here in Miami, and keep you out of trouble, bruh.
I just ask if you are okay Bro.
I'm just trying to make sure you good, bruh.
Levi why are you doing this Bro?
Levi, why you doing this, bruh?
And how are we supposed to do that Bro?
How are we going to do that, bruh?
Really what are you doing here Bro?
Like, really, what do you do up in here, bruh?
Touie is at school Bro.
Thanks for everything, bruh.
There are two excellent restaurants in Tisno: Bro cica and Toni.
In Tisno are two very good restaurants: Broscica and Toni.
Someone probably knows mine Bro Justin not right yet.
It looks like homegirl don't know my boy Justin too good yet.
Got lost all alone Bro.
Got lost here by myself, B..
You won't get my bike Bro.
You can't have my bike, B..
Maybe you'll find out then. Bro.
And maybe you'll find out.
Sanford Robinson Gifford indian summer in the Bro...
Sanford Robinson Gifford Indian Summer in the Bron...
Fear and respect are different things Bro.
Fear and respect are two different things, brother.
I take care of it, Bro.
Visit our Bro in Zamil tower, 4th floor.
Visit our office at Zamil Tower, 4th Floor.
Great time like Mayweather Bro.
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