How do I make big symbols bigger

Windows Windows: Change the size of the desktop icons


Every Windows user knows the problem. Important files are quickly placed on the desktop and add up there. The desktop becomes full and confusing. Or are you the neat guy and have few desktop icons? In both cases, changing the icon size can help to provide clarity. We show what to do in our instructions.

Change size via Windows settings

  1. Place the cursor on a vacancy of the desktop.
  2. Open through Right click the Context menu and select with the mouse pointer "view“.
  3. in the Submenu you can choose between small, medium-sized and big symbols choose.

Resize using the keyboard and mouse wheel

  1. Click on one with the mouse free area on the desktop.
  2. Press the [CTRL] Button and hold You this pressed.
  3. With the Mouse scroll wheel you can now use the Size of the symbols change individually.

Change size only with the keyboard

  1. Click on one with the mouse free area on the desktop
  2. Press and hold the [CTRL] and [A.] pressed
  3. With the [+]- and [-] -button can you use the Size of the symbols customize.