How many rooms are there in Parliament?

The Parliament building 

According to the European Council - d. H. Decision taken by the governments of the Member States of the EU - 1992 Parliament has three places of work: Strasbourg (its official seat), Brussels and Luxembourg. It has 29 buildings in these three locations. It also has some buildings in other Member States that house the European Parliament's liaison offices.





Number of buildings





Surface in m²

1 203 715

661 913

343 930

197 872

Parliament has gradually bought the buildings it uses in its place of work as it is cheaper than renting in the medium and long term. In order to meet the increased demand for office space - for example as a result of the EU enlargement since 2004 - Parliament has preferred to buy buildings instead of renting them wherever possible. The European Parliament's liaison offices in the member states are also increasingly being housed in buildings that belong to the European Parliament.

This strategy saves a lot of money. The European Court of Auditors has found that in the long run it is between 40 and 50% cheaper to buy buildings than rent them. Overall, Parliament owns 87.5% of the buildings it uses: 151,300 m² are rented, 1,052,400 m² owned by Parliament. If it were to rent these buildings, the costs would be around EUR 163 million per year.