How peaceful is this world

How peaceful is it in the world?

Europe is the most peaceful region in the world - but at the same time the level of peace on the continent has deteriorated for the third year in a row. That is the result of the current Global Peace Index of the Australian think tank Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) for the year 2017.

The average level of peace worldwide has also fallen for the fourth year in a row, by 0.27 percent in 2017 and by 2.28 percent since 2008. In contrast to 2016, according to the study, the situation has deteriorated rather than improved in more countries: a total of 71 states have become more peaceful, while a downward trend can be observed in 92 countries.

The Global Peace Index is based on 23 indicators. This includes security in society, including data on terrorist attacks, murder rates, prison inmates, as well as violent protests and restrictions on human rights, studies on conflicts at home and abroad and on the militarization of the respective country. The latter includes military spending, the possession of nuclear weapons, but also arms exports.

South Sudan, Afghanistan and Syria bring up the rear

Iceland has been the most peaceful for ten years now, followed by New Zealand and Austria in the 2017 ranking. Germany is rated 17th out of 163 as having a high level of peace. The USA occupies 121st place and is thus in the range of an intermediate peace level. Russia is only certified as having a low level of peace in 154th place. At the bottom of the list are Iraq (160), South Sudan (161), Afghanistan (162) and, for the last five years in a row, Syria (163).