Who created the aircraft carrier

Aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle

The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is the flagship of the French Navy. Commissioned in 2001 and repeatedly upgraded, it is not one of the largest, but one of the most modern aircraft carriers in the world.
The Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier in 2009 (Public Domain (CC0))

The Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier - a national symbol

At 261.5 meters in length, 64.36 meters in width and 75 meters in height, the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is not only the largest warship in the service of France, but also the only nuclear-powered aircraft carrier outside the US Navy.

The reputation that France has with the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is very good. The Grande Nation still sees itself as a world power and traditionally operates a correspondingly large navy. Only 12 countries worldwide currently have 39 aircraft carriers; only 8 of them developed their own technology. Brazil, for example, uses one of the two predecessors of the 'Charles de Gaulle', namely the Foch aircraft carrier, which was commissioned in 1963 and retired in 2001. Not even the world power Russia or - what is almost more important for the French - the British Royal Navy has a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

Synonymous with cutting-edge technology

France is one of the great nuclear powers in the world, which is also expressed, for example, in the country's energy supply, which is largely ensured by nuclear reactors. With the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, an impressive example of France's capabilities in nuclear technology was created. The public has also accepted the considerable additional costs involved in building the aircraft carrier. In addition, there are operations by the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, which give the French a boost to their national sense of honor, such as supporting the UN operation Heracles in Afghanistan, but also rescuing seafarers during a maneuver in the Mediterranean.

The performance of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle

The atomic propulsion generates a top speed of 27 knots. This means that the aircraft carrier can cover up to 1,000 kilometers in a day and operate for up to 45 days without being subject to any restrictions. The water displacement is over 40,000 tons. There is room for up to 2,750 people on board, the flight deck has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 12,000 square meters. There are also hangars and missile silos. Up to 40 machines can be equipped with fighters (Dassault Rafale), fighter bombers (Dassault Super Etendard), helicopters (Eurocopter) and air surveillance machines (Grumman E-2 Hawkeye).