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US electionTrump railed against recount

The Green politician Jill Stein has initiated a recount of votes for the election of US President in three states. The chances that Hillary Clinton will still win are considered small - but Donald Trump reacts indignantly and complains of "election fraud" himself.

Trump wrote on Twitter that "millions of people" illegally participated in the November 8th presidential election - and otherwise his victory would have been even more convincing. At the same time he spoke of "election fraud" in the states of Virginia, New Hampshire and California - there Clinton had won. Trump did not provide any evidence for this.

Trump reminds Clinton of her criticism

He would also have won the fictional nationwide vote if those votes were subtracted, he complained. The so-called "Popular Vote", i.e. the total number of votes, went to Clinton with a 2.2 million vote lead - while the current electoral system, in which an applicant wins individual states and thus their electorates, produced Trump as the winner.

Trump alluded to criticism from the Democrats when he questioned whether or not he would accept the result before the election. The President-elect quoted Clinton as saying, "We have always had free and fair elections and we have accepted the outcome even if we may not have liked it." That probably no longer applies, added Trump.

Green candidate Stein complains about possible manipulations

The hopeless candidate Jill Stein of the Greens had called for a recount in three states. The background was assumptions by IT experts that the electronic voting systems in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan could have been manipulated. In Wisconsin, the recount is already in progress.

Stein plans to apply for this in Michigan today, and in Pennsylvania on Wednesday. Stein wrote on Twitter: "If you know that the voting system is broken, wouldn't you investigate? That's why a recount is important." The favored Clinton had done significantly worse in constituencies where voting machines were used than in polling stations where handwritten ballots were used.

Clinton's chances remain slim

Clinton would have to turn all three states and win numerous votes in the process. Of the three results contested, their backlog is greatest in Pennsylvania, with about 70,000 votes. Wisconsin is nearly 20,000 missing votes and Michigan is about 10,000.

The reluctance of Clinton, whose campaign team did not make the advance themselves, but merely supported Stein's, reports Deutschlandfunk correspondent, shows that a reversal of the result is unlikely. A change in the outcome of the election is not expected; our own reviews in recent weeks have not revealed any irregularities.

306 electors were won by Trump, 232 by Clinton. Pennsylvania has 20 electors, Michigan 16, and Wisconsin 10. If these 46 were withdrawn from Trump and awarded to Clinton, the election result would be reversed.

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