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Masturbating for the first time

As a first-year student, I was still a quiet, almost naive girl. With men I got no further than that they grabbed my breasts under my blouse. Nonetheless, dealing with boys and girls, who were far more experienced than they admitted to the outside world, aroused my curiosity about sexual matters.

Away from home, I shared the room with a fellow student. We weren't particularly close friends, however. She had a boyfriend in another faculty with whom she had sex. Several times she asked me to take shelter in other rooms so that I could be undisturbed with him on the weekends. She was far more open about sexual matters than I was used to.

Maybe I could learn from her how she practiced and experienced sex. Often times, after we both went to bed and were falling asleep, I could make out a faint scraping noise on the bedspread from her side. I listened wide awake, breathless. Gradually the rhythm became more intense and faster. Her breathing, sometimes interrupted by careful, low sighs “Hhhmmm”, seemed to get deeper and more intense. Suddenly the noises subsided for a brief moment, only to start all over again, all the more rampant and hectic. The pauses between the staccatos gradually became shorter and the duration of the noise phases increased. Finally, I heard groaning struggled to suppress. Then there was a rustle in her bed. Then there was silence. I had never masturbated before just heard about it. Most of the time it was talked about jerking off what the boys were up to. Still, I knew girls could masturbate too. The only question was how.

On one occasion she told me how much she missed her boyfriend because she hadn't seen him in a long time. Later, after we had gone to bed for a while, I heard the familiar noise pattern again. I was shocked. What was she doing there? I lay in bed, not daring to breathe for fear she would notice that I was listening to her. I was mesmerized by the thought that she was satisfying herself no more than two meters away from me.

It was another week or two and a few more episodes of her before my curiosity got out of hand. I wanted to experience the feeling too, but was afraid of getting caught. So I waited with the experiment for one night in which she was gone. I read some provocative passages in a friend's pulp novel. Soon I found myself deep under my covers with the door locked. The nightgown was pulled up above the waist. My fingers slowly wandered under the elastic band of my panties. Slowly my fingers moved in circles over my cleft in my pubic hair. I couldn't help but feel that something was going wrong, until finally curiosity (and horniness) overcame my inhibitions. It was completely surprising how naturally I could do it and how quickly I learned what felt best. As I continued to stroke myself between my thighs, my hand moved further down. My crevice got warmer and - what I thought at the time, sweatier. (I didn't realize then that women get wet to prepare for a man's intrusion).

Gradually I felt my caress getting stronger and faster, even more urgent. My body was preparing for something that was about to happen. I began to get restless from my touch. Finally I pulled the panties to my knees, shortly afterwards completely. Back then I didn't imagine having sex like I do today because I haven't had any real sex yet. I thought of coming, as described in the friend's novel. It wasn't long before I felt an announcement deep in my loins. My first orgasm was about to begin. Fear and joy alternated as my lips parted and my clitoris swelled and released itself from her foreskin. I instinctively sensed that direct contact would make the sensation too intense. I started rubbing my middle finger between my lips wildly and vehemently.

Up and down, up and down….

Occasional contact with my clitoris. I felt my body writhing. My hips jerked to get more finger contact and more of that wonderful feeling. I came like a storm. Ooooooooooooh… .aaaaaaaaah…. it was sooooo beautiful and before I really noticed it I was lying there in a sweat and without any sense of time.

Needless to say, I was very surprised at what had just happened. Worried that something was broken inside of me, I quickly put my panties back on and made an effort to fall asleep. In vain! I hoped that if I had done something wrong it would pass, but my body drifted for a long time in the waves of the climax I had experienced. The next morning I discovered that I was addicted to more. I ended up masturbating twice more.
Gradually I learned to be more discreet. I got the courage to masturbate when she was in the room and I thought she was asleep. Still, once in one night I had the feeling we were masturbating at the same time. We didn't talk about it, but met each other the next morning with a knowing look. She even made a vague suggestion one evening after drinking too much.

I appreciate I owe her thanks for demonstrating her little secret. But I was too embarrassed to tell her directly at the time.

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