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Press release on the website relaunch

In the digital age, having your own website is an indispensable matter of course for many companies. According to statistics, around 66 percent of all German companies have their own website. There can be various reasons why a comparatively large number do not do so. Small, exclusively local companies, for example craft businesses or independent retailers, may not see any added value in the required investment. Still other companies, mainly in B2B, have a highly specialized offer aimed at a very limited target group and also assume that they will not be able to benefit from a web presence.

For many companies that consciously choose a website, it is quickly becoming a digital home. A company can present itself to any extent on the corporate website according to its own preferences. In surveys, around 80 percent of all customers state that they use the Internet to find out more before making a purchase decision. If you are looking for reliable information about a specific product or service, the provider is often the first port of call. A company website provides information, access to services and support. At the same time, it is an important tool in image building: How a company presents itself on its own website makes a significant contribution to how it is perceived by visitors.

In the meantime, your own website is no longer an additional, optional service that a company offers its customers and interested parties, but in many areas it is a basic requirement in order to be able to survive in competition. Potential customers who want to find out more about a product and its provider consider the lack of a website to be a flaw or prefer providers about whom they can obtain first-hand information.

The ravages of time also gnaw digitally

Companies put a lot of effort into and accept high costs when it comes to planning and implementing their own website. However, once it is finished, the work is far from over. A website needs to be maintained. In the simplest case, the ongoing effort is limited to occasional adjustments, for example changing contact information. However, more and more corporate websites are dynamically planned from the start. This means that in a basic framework, usually a content management system, content is regularly changed and supplemented. Regardless of this, over time there are various reasons why it may be necessary or at least useful to completely or at least partially renew a corporate website. The reasons can be content-related or react to technical or legal changes. The latter was most recently the case, for example, through the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in many companies.

Precise research has not yet been carried out, but it is estimated that companies fundamentally change their websites every four years on average. If such a fundamental renewal has been carried out and the date to switch from the old to the new website is imminent, this is an event that corporate communications in the form of press work should not ignore.

Who cares?

Writing a press release is ultimately no great art. The basic design guidelines, which have proven themselves over many decades of press and public relations work, can be learned. Freely accessible online platforms, some of which are free, even enable the distribution of a press release. In order to achieve the goal of publication in the relevant media, however, more than just a formally correct press release is required. A press release only has a good chance of being published if its content is newsworthy.

Realistically speaking, the relaunch of a website is not one of the company events with potentially great news value. Accordingly, it is not easy for press releases on this occasion. The chances naturally increase with the popularity of a site. If a page changes its design and functionality with thousands of daily page visits, this is of interest to many readers and can be easily achieved by the media. Even so, even smaller companies shouldn't refrain from trying.

Whether a website relaunch is worth mentioning to those responsible for the media depends primarily on the innovations it brings with it. Simply adapting the design of a website is rarely sufficient. Changes that affect the basic functions, for example, generally improved usability and new service offerings as well as the use of advanced web technologies, are much more suitable.

Design tips

The structure of a press release on a website relaunch does not differ from any other topic. This means that the headline and the first few sentences must succeed in arousing the interest of the reader, i.e. the media representative in the first step. The mere information that a relaunch is imminent is not sufficient here. Information should already be provided that emphasizes a salient innovation.

The main text is followed by a more detailed description of the changes, their reasons, special features and their effects. Quotes from company managers are also suitable for loosening up at this point. The extent to which technical details of web design and technologies are dealt with depends primarily on the target group and the medium addressed.

In a further section there is basic information about the company and its offerings and finally contact information.

Images can always increase the chances of a press release being published. In the event of the website relaunch, screenshots or, if available, recordings of an official presentation of the new website are available here.

An additional possibility to increase the attractiveness of a publication consists in special campaigns around a relaunch. In particular, online retailers can link discount campaigns with the introduction of the new site for a limited period of time.


Customers change, the market changes, companies change - a company website has to take this dynamic into account. In addition to regular, situation-dependent adjustments, a complete revision and redesign of the corporate website is worthwhile at longer intervals and on special occasions.

Such an event, which is always associated with greater effort and usually high costs, should always be accompanied by press work. In order for a press release on the website relaunch to be noticed by media representatives, in addition to compliance with formal criteria, it must above all be newsworthy. With the abundance of available and daily newly published websites, the relaunch must stand out clearly and distinguish itself in comparison to its previous version.

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