What is your favorite piece of furniture

What is the story behind your favorite piece of furniture?

When I moved into my own apartment, one thing was certain: a big, great, romantic bed was needed. The kind of thing I've always wanted. And I found it. Beige, ornate, Art Nouveau, made of old wood, a large ship. The perfect fairy tale and girl's bed. It was just perfect.

Unfortunately, the guy I bought the bed from thought so too. At first it seemed as if we would never be able to move the bed frame out of its door frame, let alone out of the fifth floor. I could see a small smile on his face. When we hit it on the stairwell, he grimaced painfully every time, as if it were himself banging his elbow on the banister. He was worried about this bed like others about their own child.

When I got down to the VW bus, I just wanted to leave. Disassemble the bed and reassemble it in my bedroom. I gave him the money and quickly withdrew my hand, afraid he might hold it. He didn't want to let me go, so he felt sorry for himself and consoled himself with sentences like: "Well, I know that it is in good hands." I slammed the trunk door and tried to suppress my guilty conscience. This has never been done before: a purchase that I felt sorry for.

The bed is still where I put it that day. And when I really move, it goes with me of course. My friend shouldn't have a problem sleeping in a princess bed. And of course it shouldn't be offensive, because the paint is very sensitive.

What's the story of your favorite piece of furniture?