There are bears in Denmark

Skandinavisk Dyrepark - Scandinavian animal park

Skandinavisk Dyrepark is closed in winter. Look forward to the reopening on April 26, 2021.

Animals that are doing well in the wild

The welfare of the animals always comes first, and as a visitor you have the unique opportunity to get very close to the animals on long bridges that lead through the beautiful Danish landscape.

In the polar bear park you can meet Denmark's largest group of polar bears. The lucky bears have plenty of space to let off steam and they love to jump headfirst into their huge lake. You should also plan a lot of time in the bear park, where the playful brown bears can be observed playing, bellowing and bathing.

The new northern European wolf pack has settled in well in the wolf park, and all of the large predators can be seen up close at daily feeding times.

Don't miss out on watching the majestic giant sea eagles at the daily eagle shows. Experience the enormous flapping of wings and watch the eagles catch fish in the lake or fly from tree top to tree top.

During a tour of the park you will also meet all the other animals in the facility, and you can really go on a voyage of discovery in the world of animals.

The predator parks

In the polar bear park you can observe Europe's largest polar bear group. The playful brown bears cavort in the huge brown bear park. And you can follow our authentic Northern European wolf pack from the gangway bridge in Wolfspark. Get really close to all of the predators during feedings.

Experiences for everyone

Experience all of the other residents of the park as you explore the world of animals. Don't miss the opportunity to feed the cheeky fallow deer and make sure you plan time for the acclaimed and huge playground.

Don't miss the chance to feed the cheeky deer or the ever-hungry petting goats. Also take time to visit the huge and highly acclaimed adventure playground. And when you get hungry, you can visit our Café Bjælkehuset.

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