What tasks does the Minister of Fisheries have?

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Together with fishermen and nature conservationists, Environment and Fisheries Minister Robert Habeck has started a specialist dialogue to improve the protection of harbor porpoises and seabirds in the Baltic Sea. Today (December 5th) he met for a conference in Eckernförde with representatives of associations. "" said Habeck. ""

The number of harbor porpoises in the western Baltic Sea has decreased significantly in recent years. In the mid-1990s there were around 28,000 porpoises, ten years ago only 11,000 were counted. A negative development can also be seen in the case of seabirds: the population of eider ducks has also decreased dramatically: In 1997, around 130,000 eider ducks from the entire Baltic Sea area came to the Schleswig-Holstein coast to winter, today there are only 40,000. The main unnatural cause of death for harbor porpoises and wintering seabirds are gillnets.

"" said Habeck: "" Now ways must be found to significantly reduce by-catches. "" One of the possible measures is to limit gillnet fishing for certain periods of time where harbor porpoises or seabirds are concentrated in time and place.

"" said Habeck. ""

Part of the discussion process will also be the question of how fishing in Schleswig-Holstein can be strengthened. Habeck: ""

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