Why are you against marriage

Are love, money, or security good reasons to say yes? What are the arguments in favor of getting married and which are against?


The days are getting shorter and the weather is very uncomfortable. Leaving your warm home in the evening and trudging through the rain into a pub for warm drinks and wet feet? No thanks. If dirty weather is the order of the day, the cozy sofa in combination with a movie is booming for me. A few days ago "Sex and the City - the film" was shown. For everyone who doesn't know him: The emancipated, attractive New York columnist Carry Bradshaw and the no less interesting, wealthy Mr. Big - he does something with finances - decide after years of back and forth: Yes, we will get married. Then there is gossip (of course, otherwise the film would be over after twenty minutes). Wedding burst. Ultimately, there is a great reconciliation and a happy ending. Hollywood at its best.


All pros and cons at a glance

We want to stay together forever.Our love doesn't need a marriage certificate.
We want to save taxes.Divorce hurts and is expensive.
I want to secure myself financially.I want to stay independent.
Inheriting and giving is cheaper with a marriage certificate.Every second marriage ends in divorce, I can do without the stress.
I want to be married when children comeThe role of the good wife does not suit me.
I can look after my partner if he is seriously ill or has an accident - without additional powers of attorney or similar.I can receive medical information with a power of attorney or living will.
Marriage just gives me security, I feel better with a ring on my finger.Marriage just doesn't need it ... Getting married is out of date.
Growing old together prevents old-age poverty and loneliness.Often one lives apart in old age.
I'm looking forward to the wedding celebration with friends and family including wedding gifts.The white wedding dress is a cliché!
It's nice that we feel the same way - everyone should know that we belong together.The wedding, including preparation, is pure stress ... No thanks!
My religion demands marriage.Marriage brings everyday life and romance breaks with it.

A smart girl until she fell in love ...

I saw the film in the cinema a good ten years ago. Ate a lot of popcorn, laughed and let myself be entertained. Today, ten years later, there was also popcorn and I laughed. In addition, I found some details quite exciting that I didn't notice at the time. Above all, the reason why the protagonists decide to get married.

The trigger for Carry to think about their wild marriage was a conversation with a complete stranger. She told her about a friend who lived with her partner without a marriage license. “We all advised her to get married. But she didn't want to hear, ”she says. “And when she came home one night, he locked her out. She didn't even have a place to live. And that after ten years. Was a smart girl until she fell in love. “Bang!