Is it worth making Roblox games

ROBLOX: Danger or just fun?

I think almost everyone knows Roblox. But is Roblox dangerous or just a pastime?

I think you should be aware, before downloading Roblox, that this seemingly harmless app can also be dangerous. Therefore one is also allowed to do so first from 12 years Play Roblox.

Is that true? Or is that just humbug? I did research on the topic and signed up on Roblox myself.

What I found out:

Roblox is a gaming site where you can play with real people. You can also create games yourself. I noticed that Roblox has the function "Chat"Has. Swear words and the like are made unrecognizable there. Unfortunately, some bad words still fall through the cracks.

You can make friends on Roblox. As soon as I accept a friend request, my "friend" can see when I'm online and what I'm playing. He can also write to me privately. Here, too, some things are made unrecognizable, but here, too, some things fall through the cracks.

I checked the internet to see if you can catch a virus on Roblox. Yes you can. Often there are some "great tips" advertised for cool clothing that is free. You then get these, catch a virus, and then you will never find these clothes in your inventory because these offers are fake.

My conclusion: I think Roblox is a great thing. But you should inform yourself beforehand and be careful of the dangers.

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