What is Google BigTable

Google offers NoSQL database system from the cloud

"The famous database on which Google is based is now available to everyone worldwide," advertises the Internet giant. Behind this is the “Google Cloud Bigtable” offer: a service for storing large amounts of data in the cloud, which, according to the provider, has been proving its suitability for years: as a technical basis for Google search as well as for Gmail, Youtube, Google Analytics, Google Earth, Google Maps and other services.

Industrial users could use the service to manage mass data such as those generated by sensors in Internet of Things projects. Financial companies should use it to manage petabytes of trade data and analyze trends. Google mentions Sungard, one of the largest providers of software and services for the financial sector, as a reference customer. Google also addresses energy providers, biotech companies and other industries with large volumes of data.

NoSQL hosted data store

Bigtable is a hosted NoSQL data store. Users address it via the "Apache Hbase" API, an open source implementation of the Bigtable architecture for storing data across extensive server landscapes. This means that the database is "natively" integrated with existing big data and Hadoop ecosystems. Bigtable data can easily be exported in standard formats.

According to Google, Bigtable harmonises with other cloud services from the provider, such as “Big Query” or “Cloud Dataflow”. Google claims that in internal benchmarks, Bigtable had lower latency times for reading and writing data than a generic HBase version or the no-SQL database Cassandra. Google promises a full-service package including data replication for backup and data encryption. (mb / hal)