What are some cool engagement party ideas

The engagement party - tips & ideas

Usually the engagement party is a bit more formal than a hen party, but in terms of effort (and budget) it is far from a wedding party.

How exactly an engagement party is organized and what you have to pay attention to, you will find out in this article.

It used to be common for parents to organize the engagement party (or reception).

In the meantime, however, the future bride and groom usually decide for themselves how the engagement party should be and invite them to it themselves. Of course, it doesn't hurt to ask your parents whether they will support you financially for the engagement party.

In general, you shouldn't overdo it with the style and expenses for the engagement party, because after all, the wedding party is the biggest celebration and it should be able to offer a significant increase.

We have divided this article into the following areas:

  1. Time of engagement party
  2. Engagement party guest list
  3. Engagement invitation
  4. Location for the engagement party
  5. Food & drinks for the engagement party
  6. Table decorations at the celebration of the engagement
  7. Procedure and entertainment ideas for the engagement party
  8. More tips for the engagement party

1. Time of engagement party

The engagement party should of course take place as soon as possible after the marriage proposal (preferably 3-8 weeks later).

You shouldn't delay it too long and consider that the big wedding party is getting closer and you need your concentration and time for the wedding preparations.

The engagement party usually takes place in the evening, but a meeting for brunch or coffee and cake would also be possible.

If your families do not yet know about your engagement, you can also invite the families together under a different pretext and thus plan a surprise engagement party.

Maybe you can come up with a good idea on what excuse to get the families together. Alternatively, birthdays or public holidays are ideal if they are right in time.

2. Guest list for the engagement party

At the engagement party, the guest list is in most cases kept rather short and mostly limited to the family circle. Of course, it would also be nice if the future groomsmen could celebrate with us.

If the families do not yet know each other, then you should definitely invite all family members (parents and siblings) to the engagement party.

If only a civil wedding is planned, then you can (instead of a big hen party) celebrate the engagement party bigger, if that should appeal to you more. Then you should organize the party more like a small wedding.

3. Invitation to engagement

Usually, an invitation card is not sent to the engagement party, but an invitation is given orally.

If you like it more festive, of course, you can't avoid the invitation card for the engagement party. But beautiful invitation cards with great designs don't have to be expensive. Further information can be found in our article Wedding invitation cards.

If your guests need a hotel and come from far away, you can clarify this with the (verbal) invitation and possibly reserve a hotel room.

In any case, make a list of the acceptances and rejections so that you can keep track of everything.

4. Location for the engagement party

You can celebrate the engagement party at home or in a fancy restaurant. Of course, that depends entirely on your home, the number of guests and your budget. Only in rare cases do you rent a hall for the engagement party.

Advantage restaurant: less stress, more festive atmosphere, space for more guests

Advantage at home: cheaper, more familiar and more informal

5. Food & drinks for the engagement party


In the restaurant it is clear: Either there is a selected menu, a buffet or it can be ordered à la carte. With the menu / buffet, the costs can be better estimated and if it is well organized, there is something delicious for every guest.

At the engagement party at home you can either cook yourself or each guest contributes something to the meal. Stress-free variant: Catering is organized.

A Sunday brunch, an afternoon with coffee and cake or a barbecue in the garden are great options as an engagement party, so that the guests can bring a lot with them and it is cheaper and less stressful. Also a Finger food buffet is a great idea.

Of course, a combination of restaurant and home is also possible, then you have both advantages combined. For example, you could meet for lunch in the restaurant and then have coffee and cake at home afterwards.


When it comes to drinks, an engagement party can be a little more festive if necessary (wine, champagne, etc.), but this is not absolutely necessary. If you stick to the drinks you normally have at a birthday party, then you can't go wrong.

On no account should you forget the champagne and orange juice, because of course you have to officially toast your engagement.

The engagement party is not a big dance party with loud music, it is usually reserved for the hen party and the engagement party is much quieter. However, suitable background music, which can then be played during the meal, should not be dispensed with.

6. Table decorations at the celebration of the engagement

As with any other party, the tables should be festively decorated or decorated with flowers at the engagement party.

However, if the decoration is a little bit coordinated with the wedding theme, then the engagement party makes you want to go to the big wedding party. Also Nameplates give the engagement party a more festive charm.

A great idea for the engagement party table decoration: place a napkin on the plate at each place and tie a small tie (for men) or a blue garter (for women) around the napkin.

You can find more creative ideas and helpful tips in our detailed article on table decorations.

Let yourself be inspired by our table decoration picture gallery.

7. Procedure and entertainment ideas for the engagement party

The course of the engagement party depends, of course, on your preferences and your previous planning.

In general, however, you can say that the engagement party is not "open" like a hen party, where you can come and go as you want. You usually come to the engagement party on time at the specified time.

Then either the bride's father or the future groom holds a brief one speech and the engagement is "officially" announced again. After a toast to the bride and groom, the official part is usually over and the buffet opens.

Bridal couple or guests will then provide some entertainment with 1-2 items on the program.

Photo as a start to wedding planning

A romantic photo, for example, with the transition from the heart to the wedding rings, creates an atmospheric ambience and a moment that everyone will remember.

Check out more about this and other photos!

Sand painting video or live performance

Your love story painted in sand: Such a unique show as with “Supertalent” - what could add even more originality to your engagement party?

Surprise your loved ones with the entertainment trend sand painting. Video creation from 800 euros is affordable for most lovers who want to make the day of their engagement unforgettable!


8. More tips for the engagement party

If you want a special dress code for your engagement party, then you should definitely let your guests know. Since engagement parties range from simple to pompous, it helps enormously if you inform your guests about the style of the engagement party. Here we have a few tips for your outfit and that Top 30 engagement dresses for a shiny appearance.

Since there are of course a lot of questions about the wedding at the engagement party, it would of course be an advantage if you asked yourself the most important questions about the wedding have already answered, so that you can tell your guests something about the upcoming wedding. Nothing is worse than having to answer all questions with “we don't know yet”.

Don't forget to ask one or the other for help with wedding planning at the engagement party. Because on the one hand you are guaranteed to need some helpers and on the other hand your guests feel honored if they can help you and the anticipation of the wedding is increased enormously.

Under no circumstances should the Engagement ring the bride-to-be missing. So if you haven't bought engagement rings yet, you should definitely do so before the engagement party.

If your wedding date has already been set, then surprise your guests with a great one Wedding lantern with engraving, that beautifies your house entrance.

Or with onepersonalized doormat, on which your names and your wedding date can be seen. So you can welcome the guests at your engagement party in a special way.

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