What are some minecraft theories

Herobrine, Entity303, and other Minecraft myths

They have been around since the alpha phase of the Minecraft computer game: The Minecraft myths. The most famous Minecraft myth is arguably thatHerobrine myth. In this article I want to clear up these myths for you. For one myth, I even tried for over an hour! I hope you enjoy reading this post!

Myth 1: A desert well is always near a village.

If you carefully explore the deserts in Minecraft, you can come across desert wells every now and then. These are small structures made of sand, on the bottom of which water can be found. In fact, the desert well has nothing to do with villages. Villages are not uncommon in Minecraft. Therefore, it can happen by chance that a village is generated near a well. However, this is really just a coincidence!

Myth 2: Diamond ores are often found near lava.

That is also not true. Players often mean this because diamonds are easier to see near lava (because it's light there) and otherwise very easy to miss.

Myth 3: Mushrooms in a cave indicate mine shafts and dungeons.

That is also not true. Mushrooms are not related to dungeons and mines! When mushrooms are really close to these structures, that too is just a coincidence!

Well, now that was a gentle start, let's turn to the more mysterious and creepy myths.

Myth 4: Crosses in Minecraft mean nothing good!

If you look closely at the landscape of Minecraft, you will notice that crosses appear in the landscape from time to time. Many get frightened as a result. But I can reassure you: The Minecraft worlds are generated by chance. So far nothing has been found in the source code to suggest that these crosses were created on purpose.

Myth 5: Herobrine

Herobrine is arguably the best-known Minecraft myth of all. It was spotted in the alpha phase of the game and is still causing a lot of excitement among gamers today. I would now like to tell you about the first sighting of Herobrine. I will tell you in the "I" form, from the point of view of the first player who saw Herobrine, but I don't mean me! In addition, this story is not literally the same as that of the witness, since I am writing the whole thing in my own words. Formulations can vary, but the content is identical.

"I recently created a new Minecraft world in single player mode. Since my computer is not very powerful, I set the view range to" low ". I started cutting trees until I saw a mysterious figure in the thick fog. It looked like the standard mini-doll figure, but it had no pupils. I wanted to get closer to the figure so that I could examine it more closely. However, it has disappeared. I immediately checked that I had not unfortunately ended up in multiplayer, I did I wasn't. As I continued to explore the world, I noticed perfect sand pyramids, tunnels with redstone torches and trees without leaves. One thing I was sure of was that no world generator could do that. I saved my game status and the Minecraft forum I opened a post by asking other players if they too saw the figure deleted by a few minutes. So I opened another post. This was deleted even faster. Suddenly I got a message from a certain user named "Herobrine". It read: "Stop!" A short time later another message arrived, this time from a different user. He said he had more information but would rather communicate with me via email because it would be more secure. After exchanging our contact details, the user told me that he had also seen this figure and knew people who were similar. A few days later I received another message from my email contact. They informed me that some people had looked up the name "Herobrine" and found out that this name is used by a Swedish hacker. It is also said to be Notch's brother (Notch is the inventor of Minecraft) act. So I contacted Notch and asked about his brother. It took a while, but then I got an answer from him: "I once had a brother, but he is no longer with us." I have never seen the enigmatic figure since then. Fortunately, I quickly took a screenshot the first time I met, which is why I have a proof picture. "- The first to see Herobrine (retold by LuckiGamer)

In the photo evidence, Herobrine can be seen in the fog. Many believe the picture, many say that it is a fake. I wanted to know more precisely. While doing research on the internet, I found out that there is a ritual that can be used to bring Herobrine into play. I copied this ritual in one attempt. I have summarized the exact experiment and the result here in the form of an experiment protocol.

Test protocol

Trial question: Does Herobrine really exist?

Assumption / hypothesis:I suspect that Herobrine does not exist as it has not yet been found in the source code.

Material: Minecraft of course, in Minecraft:

  • a best new world
  • 9 gold blocks
  • 1 quarry stone or 1 soul sand (you can choose)
  • 1 netherrack
  • 1 lighter
  • 4 redstone torches
  • (possibly a record player with record 11)

Experimental setup: Build a 3 * 3 area out of gold blocks and replace the middle block with quarry stone / soul sand (you actually only need 8 gold blocks, but it is easier to explain that way) Netherrack is now placed on the quarry stone / soul sand. The 4 redstone torches are now placed on the corner blocks of the gold surface. Once that has happened, the Netherrack is lit with the lighter. The ritual is now done! According to some players, you have to place a record player on a gold block on which no other block has yet been placed and insert the record 11 into it. You may even have to jump into the fire (which is why the ritual is not suitable for hardcore mode, in which you do not reappear after death)!

Carrying out the experiment: Now that the ritual has been performed, you have to explore the world for at least an hour and look around to see if Herobrine is anywhere.

Observation of the experiment: I didn't notice anything strange. Everything was the same as usual.

Trial evaluation: Herobrine seems like a myth. There is no evidence to prove its existence.

Many Minecraft players have asked Notch about Herobrine, and Notch denies that he has a brother. Notch also said that there could be Herobrine in Minecraft at some point ...

Myth 6: Entity303

Entity303 is the new Herobrine. According to reports, he is supposed to attack other players (which Herobrine is supposed to do, by the way) and always write the words "Make a wish" in the chat, which in German could be interpreted as "Make a wish". This Minecraft character wears a white suit, has an all black face, and has red eyes. Entity303 is said to be a former Mojang employee (Mojang is Minecraft's development studio) who was fired from Notch and now wants to take revenge by hacking into the game. According to some sources, Entity303 can be in one of your worlds if files containing the number 303 are stored on your computer. You can search for 303 in the search bar in Explorer.But does not delete files that are displayed in the search results! The number 303 could also be in the file by chance! If you delete files just like that, you can even damage your system! However, it can be assumed that this is also not true, just like with Herobrine.

Those were all known Minecraft myths. As you have seen, one cannot always believe everything. I wish you all a nice day! See you soon!