Are flowers important in our life

The importance of plants for mankind

Sometimes the beauty of plants is just good for you. | Source: © Balkhovitin

Thank you for our plants!

The importance of plants for humans is often greatly underestimated: We imagine ourselves as a highly independent species that stands alone on its level of development. When Homo sapiens, who breeds animals and plants at will and makes them compliant, doesn't have to do anything, but always could if he wanted.
Let's be honest - it's not that nice to be standing alone in a wide hallway. Time for a little gratitude.

Plants make our life easier:

As a material, energy carrier and medicine case

If you want to describe the diverse uses of plants of all kinds, you could start here: We send our children to a forest kindergarten so that they can learn to carve and play with wooden toys. Plant products not only make life easier as a material, but also as a source of energy: whether in crude oil, firewood or coal, everything is ultimately based on green, plant-based biomass. Our medicines are by no means of purely synthetic origin either. It is an important sign that folk medicine has still not been completely replaced by conventional medicine, but has even been integrated. Active ingredients from nature are welcome helpers in the fight against human suffering, both large and small.

Plants make our life richer:

With dyes, luxury foods and ornamental plants

Many colors, such as those used for coloring Easter eggs, are still made from plants today. Colors even have a direct influence on our psyche. Attempts have already been made in several prisons to paint cells of particularly aggressive inmates in a pink that is supposed to have a calming effect.
If all else fails, you can also pick up the bottle from time to time. And again the vegetable origin cannot be denied: vodka is based on potatoes, beer on hops and malt, ...
The last icing on the cake are the ornamental plants: They are beautiful to look at, improve the room climate and smell heavenly.

Plants make our life possible:

As food and oxygen supplier

All luxury aside, without plants there would be no life for us humans. Through photosynthesis, plants produced oxygen for the first time and created an atmosphere in which humans could develop.
We show sufficient gratitude to the plants that are served as food. Because even the thick roast pork was created at some point through plant-based feed.
We say thank you again and enjoy it.