What are the areas of study of biochemistry

"Biochemistry" / Bachelor of Science: 1 subject (fw)

The Faculty of Chemistry offers the 1-subject Bachelor in Biochemistry, which leads to a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.). Theoretical, methodological and practical specialist knowledge in general natural sciences is imparted in lectures, exercises and laboratory courses. In these laboratory internships, students learn to work on biochemical questions independently and to do the necessary advance research in scientific journals and books. The focus is on the practical and safe handling of chemicals, while knowledge of safety and environmental issues is imparted. In terms of content, the course offers links to a wide variety of scientific subjects, such as B. Molecular biology, molecular medicine, cell biology, genetics, protein chemistry, bioorganics, bioinorganics, biophysical chemistry and biophysics.

At Bielefeld University, special emphasis is placed on solid, basic chemical training. Therefore, in the first three semesters mainly chemical basics are taught, which the students use as a basis for more in-depth, biochemical questions. In the later course of study, the focus is clearly on biochemistry, whereby an individual focus is possible. In addition to theoretical and practical specialist knowledge, students acquire many key skills that are advantageous for the professional world in the course of their studies. They have to familiarize themselves quickly and independently with new topics, work in a team, organize themselves, and be able to muster resilience and motivation. The Bachelor in Biochemistry prepares students in particular for admission to a Master’s degree (M. Sc.) In Biochemistry, which is offered at Bielefeld University in the following three profiles:

  • Chemical biology
  • Structure and function of proteins
  • Cellular biochemistry

The courses

Formalities / important information

Start of studies

The course can only be started in the winter semester.

Duration and scope of study

The standard period of study is 6 semesters.

The studies 1-subject (fw) biochemistry comprises 180 credit points.

Please inform yourself about the study structure model and note the regulations for the individual supplementary area.

entry requirements

Anyone who has a suitable university entrance qualification (e.g. high school diploma) has access to the bachelor's degree.

Special features apply to applicants with a foreign qualification, you can find information here.

Special features also apply to those qualified in vocational training.

Application, admission and enrollment1

The study places are subject to admission restrictions (numerus clausus). A separate application is required for this. You have to register by 07/15. for a winter semester or until January 15. Register online for a summer semester at the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (hochschulstart.de) and then apply to Bielefeld University. The allocation takes place in the so-called "dialogue-oriented service procedure" and is carried out in several steps. You can find more information and important information on this on the website of the student secretariat. If you accept an offer of admission in the course of this procedure, you have the option of enrolling or transferring within the deadline set by Bielefeld University. After this period, your admission is no longer valid.
To register, please use the online registration.

Special features apply to applicants with a foreign qualification, you can find information here.

Special features also apply to those qualified in vocational training.

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