Robin is the son of Batman


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First appearance: Detective Comics (Vol 1) # 38 in April 1940

The original Robin was Dick Grayson, a young circus acrobat whose parents had been killed by gangsters.

Bruce Wayne watched the murders and took him in as his ward to guide him through the tragedy and help him find direction. Grayson would eventually outgrow his position and adopt the Nightwing name for many years before eventually becoming a temporary replacement for Batman himself. Jason Todd was the second Robin, another orphan, a restless youth who ran the risk of becoming a street gangster until Batman picked him up and offered him a gateway for his aggression. Jason was murdered by the Joker, a tragedy and failure that plagued Batman for many years. Risen during the Infinite Crisis, he has since taken on the violent anti-hero personality Red Hood.

The third Robin was Tim Drake, notable for finding the position rather than being chosen for it. A great detective himself, he figured out the secret identities of Batman and Nightwing himself, stating that Batman needed a Robin to balance him out and keep him from getting too dark and gloomy. Since then, Drake has become Red Robin. Stephanie Brown, also known as Spoiler and, ultimately, Batgirl, briefly became the fourth and only Robin woman, despite being fired for failing to order.

The fifth and youngest Robin is Damian Wayne, Batman's son with Talia al Ghul, an aggressive child trained for years by the Society of Shadows and trained as a superhero to help him find redemption. Robin's identity has been linked to a number of teams, including the Teen Titans and Young Justice.

Robin as Dick Grayson was created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson and first appeared in Detective Comics (Vol 1) # 38. (1940) Jason Todd first appeared as Robin in Batman (Vol 1) # 368. (1984) Tim Drake became Robin in Batman (Vol 1) # 457. (1990) Stephanie Brown took over the position in Robin (Vol 4) # 126. (2004) Damian Wayne has been Robin since Batman: Battle for the Cowl (Vol 1) # 3. (2009)