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Author:Mara Andeck

Love for real - what you should know about romance, kisses and dream princes



(ISBN-10: 3414823799)
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Description:Very good condition. (293)
Publisher's text:Everything you should know about romance, kisses and dream princes.
What is love actually? Some consider it the most romantic thing in the world, for others it is just a rush of hormones. One thing is certain: According to surveys, love is the most important topic of all for more than 90 percent of all girls. But does it really exist, true love? And if so, how do you find them?
This book offers a colorful and unusual mixture of scientific studies, interesting facts, amazing statistics and interesting information about love and romance. A must for all girls who finally want to know more about love!
Keywords:20th - 21st Century, Germany, Children's Books, Love / Relationship, 12+, Books for Children 12+,
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