NASCAR cars have a clutch

NASCAR: Toyota Camry NASCAR Cup Race Car

Brian Vickers drove the car with the number 83 in Sonoma in 2008 up to 14th place.

You don't have to be rich to fulfill your dream of the bolide from your favorite racing series. At least not when your favorite sport is NASCA. Then the collector's dream will come true for the equivalent of a VW Sharanin. Just happened in the USA, where the auction house Auctions America brought a 680 hp Toyota CamryCup Racer from 2008 to the customer for 35,200 US dollars (the equivalent of almost 32,000 euros). According to Auctions America, the car was used by the Red Bull team from 2008 to 2012, initially with driver Brian Vickers behind the wheel. He drove the car up to 14th place in Sonoma in 2008 and 18th in Watkins Glen. After the Toyota retired in 2012, it was restored and used at classic events. The only downer for the new owner: no street legal!

NASCAR is a brutally honest sport

Driving is brutally honest, the pilot does the hardest work on every meter.

For the Americans, the NASCAR motorsport series is a popular sport, hundreds of thousands come to the races. Because the technology is crude but uniform: 5.9-liter engine, V8. The power comes exclusively from displacement and speed. The disadvantage: the engines don't last long. Often there is a scythe after a race. There is no ABS or traction control. The driver alone decides whether to win or lose. Driving is hard work: you need well-trained legs to push through the rigid three-plate clutch with a diameter of 16 centimeters. In addition, a NASCAR car is not corner-stable. The fully locked rear axle makes it almost impossible to drive an ideal line.

Full throttle for children with cancer

Chevy "Henriette" fulfills wishes for sick children and collects money for a good cause.

There are very few NASCAR racers in Europe. The "Eastside NASCAR Racing Team" maintains one. The "Henriette" christened Chevrolet Monte CarloSupersport has been driving a race taxi for a good cause since 2013. On the one hand, a wish is fulfilled by taking children with cancer, and on the other hand, the income from paying racing taxi passengers benefits the "Sonnenstrahl" association. More about the upcoming races and free places at

Photos: Stefan Beetz, Auctions America