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Caterpillar Energy Solutions with its two brands MWM and Cat® for highly efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for decentralized energy generation and produces gas engines, power plants and combined heat and power plants. The company headquarters in Mannheim goes back to the establishment of the car pioneer Carl Benz, who laid the foundation stone for it in 1871 with the “Mechanische Werkstätten Mannheim”. Today, Caterpillar Energy Solutions is part of the global Caterpillar Group and has a leading market position in the field of highly efficient and ecologically advanced decentralized energy solutions.

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Supporting customers, business partners and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic

+++ Caterpillar Energy Solutions offers its customers and business partners the best possible service during the COVID-19 pandemic and has taken immediate measures for its production process. +++ The maintenance of system-critical infrastructures and a stable energy supply for facilities such as hospitals, grocery stores and data centers is thus ensured. +++ To protect the health of employees, the hygiene measures have been tightened and adapted to the legal recommendations for dealing with COVID-19. +++ Caterpillar Energy Solutions supports communities acutely affected by the virus with foundation funds from the Caterpillar Foundation. +++

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    Cat® Gas engines and CHP systems (combined heat and power) for demanding use.


    MWM gas engines for combined heat and power (CHP) and combined heat and power plants (CHP)



    Gas engines

    The product portfolio of Caterpillar Energy Solutions includes gas engines and generator sets of the brands Cat and MWM, which run on natural gas, biogas and hydrogen-containing gases.


    Gas power plants

    Gas-fired power plants from Caterpillar Energy Solutions enable decentralized, economical and energy-efficient power generation.


    Decentralized energy supply

    Environmentally friendly combined heat and power systems (CHP) enable decentralized and coupled energy generation close to consumption.


    Success factors


    At the Gas Center of Excellence, Carterpillar Energy Solution bundles all development and production steps worldwide under one roof and offers ideal conditions for top manufacturing quality.


    Health & Safety

    Comprehensive occupational health and safety are central elements of the corporate culture.