Does the NIT institute have a basketball team

Institute for Exercise, Sport and Health (IBSG)

The Institute for Exercise, Sport and Health is dedicated to training students for the teaching subject of sport (for elementary, secondary and secondary schools as well as for vocational schools) and various aspects of sport science. The special focus in research and teaching is directed on the one hand to questions of sports education, sports sociology and sports didactics and on the other hand to aspects of movement theory, training science and health promotion.

In addition to school sports and physical education, important subject areas come from the areas of popular, competitive and health sports. Sports science coordinates and integrates contributions from various disciplines or develops interdisciplinary approaches to these fields.

Sport aptitude test 2021

Due to the current situation, no sports aptitude test will be carried out at Leuphana University this year, accordingly the proof is "subject-related, special movement skills“Not an entry requirement for a sports degree this year.

Please send a medical certificate (not older than 3 months), in which the fitness for sport is certified, directly with the application documents.

Please submit proof of training in first aid (not older than two years) and the German lifeguard badge (bronze and not older than 2 years) directly to the institute at the latest at the end of the first semester.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to [email protected]


Research project RoBaTaS - imparting wheelchair basketball and promoting talents at school in a playful way

Sports science research: "Inclusion is not just social learning"

Heterogeneous learning groups have long been part of everyday life in classrooms. But there are also no teaching concepts for the subject of sport. The training scientist Prof. Dr. Stephan Schiemann and the two sports didacticians Prof. Dr. Jessica Süßenbach and Dr. Steffen Greve research how wheelchair basketball can also be played in mainstream schools.

The project is funded with around 140,000 euros by the Federal Institute for Sports Science.

You can access the film about our project "RoBaTaS - imparting wheelchair basketball and finding talent at school in a playful way" at the following link:

More information can be found here...

1. Dr. Gretlies Kruse - Cup

In memory of our colleague Dr. Gretlies Kruse, the first cup of the same name took place on Wednesday, June 19th, 2019.

The beach volleyball tournament was organized by the participants in the corresponding course. A field of two and four were offered. In both competitions, a total of eleven teams, consisting of sports students, came together to compete fairly with each other. Perhaps because of the regular training, teams from the current beach volleyball course won in both fields. So "the second best" could not live up to their name and won the competition for two. In the teams of four, the "volleybear gang" prevailed and secured first place. After the obligatory award ceremony, the successful day of the tournament was rounded off with a barbecue and a cozy get-together.

The challenge cup (see photo) was presented symbolically and will in future be displayed in a showcase in the corridor of the Institute for Exercise, Sport and Health in Building 16, together with the current winning photos and certificates.

The tournament is to be held once a year in the summer semester from now on.

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