Why is showing means showing

"With us it means: show your face"

At the beginning of her speech at the CDU party congress, Chancellor Angela Merkel dared to look back. "Not all of the 890,000 people who came last year can and will stay," said the party leader. But each individual is accepted as an individual person and not as an anonymous part of a crowd. "Every concern is checked," she assured.

At the end of the speech there was more than eleven minutes of applause from the delegates. We have compiled the most important passages of the speech.

The refugee situation

“A situation like the one in late summer 2015 cannot, must not and should not repeat itself,” said Merkel. The CDU would have discussed this at its party congress a year ago and the EU would work on it. “For the benefit of everyone in Europe and for the benefit of the refugees,” she added. It is also important to stick to the refugee agreement with Turkey. “The EU-Turkey agreement saves lives. Every day, ”said Merkel.

A question of integration

“Here in Germany, the laws of our country apply. And for everyone in the same way. Without exception, ”said Merkel. That is why the federal government passed an integration law and also increased the proportion of values ​​imparted in integration courses. “We don't want parallel societies. Our right takes precedence over tribal rules, a code of honor and Sharia ”. Merkel spoke out in favor of open cooperation. “We say: show your face, that's why full veiling is not appropriate, it should be forbidden”, wherever this is legally possible.

Discussion culture in the country

Merkel criticized a massive increase in aggressiveness, which is shown, for example, by numerous hate messages on the Internet. "Part of the truth is: Sometimes you get the impression that some who have always lived here in Germany urgently need an integration course," said Merkel. Everyone is called upon to make their contribution to the culture of debate, she added. The limits are where the rule of law has to intervene. On the Internet, "sometimes all inhibitions fall in a way that I could never have imagined to this extent," she complained, adding: "I say, we say: Not like that." Regarding “We are the people” calls at Pegida demonstrations, Merkel said: “Who the people is is still determined by the whole people in our country. We all determine that. Not just a few. And no matter how loud they are. "

The sister quarrel

The CDU and CSU are the only people's parties in the middle, said Merkel. “They were from day one and they will always be. With this founding impulse, we want to give the right answers to the questions of the future today as well. ”The CDU makes politics for people who work hard. They will continue to work for them. “That is our trademark,” promised Merkel. With regard to the self-image of the Christian Democrats in times of war and globalization, she added: "It is always about the unique dignity of each individual person, from the beginning of life to the end." With regard to differences between the sister parties, she said, CDU and CSU have always managed to do the “best for our country”, including in refugee policy.

Your own role

“The Bundestag election will be more difficult than any election before, at least since the unification. It will really not be a walk in the park, ”said Merkel. There is a strong polarization in our society. The CDU has the task of preventing red-red-green in the federal government. “We have to integrate from the right,” she demanded. She wrestled with herself whether she should run for the office of Chancellor again. “You have to, you have to, you have to”, many would have said to her. That touched her. In times like these she add: “You have to, you have to help me”. No one, not even with the greatest experience, could turn things around for the better. That can only go hand in hand together.

THE situation in Syria

The year 2016 did not lead to more calmness and stability, but to a strengthening of the tendencies of 2015. Merkel sees the task of the future to lead the fight against Islamist terror together. It is also a shame that it has not yet been possible to create auxiliary corridors. "We have to keep fighting for that."

The European crisis

Europe is and will remain a question of war and peace, Merkel quotes the former Chancellor Helmut Kohl. This year 71 years of peace have passed since the end of the Second World War. “We must do everything we can to ensure that Europe does not emerge from the crises even weaker than it went into them,” she says. "Germany is only doing well if Europe is doing well too."

The Free Trade Agreement

Ceta and TTIP are needed more urgently than ever, said Merkel. “We want such agreements. This is the only way we can assert our values ​​in the world, ”she added. Actually, after the financial crisis, the endeavor to create effective guard rails in the financial sector should be much greater. According to Merkel, it is part of justice that all international corporations have to pay taxes.

The black zero

In her speech, Merkel expressly praised Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble for his "terrific performance". "Schäuble is fighting tirelessly to ensure that the lessons learned from the financial crisis," she said. The fact of a balanced budget is not a matter of course and is always associated with the name of Wolfgang Schäuble.