Can we really completely prove an astrologer?

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The way astrologers create horoscopes is impressive. Therefore, only a few question how the position of some celestial bodies can influence a person's personality in the first place. Is that really possible?

Status: 11/27/2019

The first inconsistencies already arise when thinking logically: In astrology, the point in time at which a person sees the light of day is decisive. Then an early caesarean section could completely turn a person's life upside down, while much more important factors such as the genetic material of the parents and the later social formation are ignored.

Dwindling attractions

Aries now thanks to caesarean section - and another person?

Celestial bodies actually have certain forces of attraction - on earth they are so strong that we stick to it. However, the astrologically relevant planets are hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from us. How should the force, which may then still reach us, affect our fate?

Superficial derivatives

The red planet: Thanks to its color, Mars stands for war and power.

It is even more dubious that the meanings of the celestial bodies stem only from superficial observations and associations: Mars shines red - and therefore stands for struggle and strength. Actual quantities such as the surface temperature are neglected. The angles at which the planets stand to one another, and even more so their meaning, only exist on paper.

Astro-logical explanations

The astrologers also do not agree on how to treat the planets discovered last: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were simply integrated into the existing models afterwards - although they should have always influenced the horoscopes. An astro-logical explanation: They are so far away that their influence is negligible - astrology was therefore not wrong before, but it is more correct now. Other astrologers attribute functions to the planets that were not known in ancient times, such as "mutation". Incidentally, Pluto lost its planetary status again in 2006 ...

Zodiac signs are no longer correct

Precession, which has been known since ancient times, is also excluded from astrology: When the earth rotates around itself, the gravitational forces of the sun and moon stagger a little. In this way, it stays behind on its orbit around the sun by 0.01 degrees per year. Since the zodiac was established two thousand years ago, when the positions of the constellation and zodiac sign still matched, this deviation has added up to one twelfth of the annual cycle. This corresponds roughly to a constellation: For example, if you were born between March 21st and April 20th, according to astrology, the sun is actually only in the constellation Pisces.

Unsustainable from a scientific point of view

There is no physical explanation why the star interpretation should work at all. This is why the natural sciences have not dealt with their assumptions for centuries; they are considered to have been definitively refuted. Followers like to refer to supernatural powers that, of course, cannot be proven. Experience is also often cited, which has shown that astrology simply works. This, in turn, can be checked - with statistical methods.

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