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English: Unfortunately, this Wiki is only available in German! Welcome to the world of Lygea, which is 100% magic. On their lives 6 humanoid races, a few deities, and a host of other creatures who mystically animate the magic they are all made of. The numerous articles in the world explain what that means and how it works. Have fun while reading!


Lygea sits in the center of her universe, so she is a geocentric world. Around it circle two suns, three moons, a comet and a multitude of little lights called stars. Six continents are located on Lygea's world map, which are covered by many natural and fantastic landscapes and populated by numerous living beings.

The mysticism

Everything in the Lygean universe is made of magic. This magic can of course be changed, manipulated and controlled by the inhabitants of this world. This is called "animate". In theory, anyone can animate in the Lygean universe. This creates a colorful mix of skills that allow the 19 elements to animate the emotions, things like knowledge and time or even the soul.


Lygea is kept in a rather cheerful style, which does not rule out the fact that the Lygean stories can not get very dark. The six humanoid races are anthropomorphic and the general look is a bit more adult cartoon style.

The team

We are an artist and a programmer who want to use this world as the basis for a wide variety of media. A video game is firmly planned, but Lygea is also built for comics, books, videos or whatever else we can think of.